BEO, Banquet Event Order

What is a BEO

In short, what is a BEO? The central document about your event that helps everybody stay on the same page. You can download a template below or sign up for eazyplan to automate BEOs.

Banquet Event Order often referred to as a ?BEO,? is a document containing a framework for your event. As a BEO definition, we can say that it is a roadmap for your team to execute and communicate the details correctly between all the relevant parties.

Banquet Event Order (BEO) is also a formal agreement between the customer and the venue. It outlines the event needs such as food and beverage, audio/visual, room setup, staffing, and other.

BEO Banquet Event Order template

Event facilities create Banquet Event Order forms as a contract to specify all the details of your event, room by room, hour by hour, day by day, and meal by meal. The smooth setup and accommodation of your guests depend on details. With multiple rooms on one site, there can be hundreds of BEOs for just a weekend conference. Even if you use a meeting planner, make sure you have read and evaluated BEOs before an event.

BEOs include all the information about function, such as agreed prices and customer requirements. BEOs identify internal and external services meeting the requirements of the customer and establishment. Structure of the BEO demonstrates customer?s beliefs about event organisation. The clear structure allows the staff to interpret and implement the BEO in accordance with the customer?s requirements.

In terms of additional or different information requirements, the parties can review Banquet Event Order and sign an additional customer agreement.


BEO in event planning

Event planners often make the same mistakes:

  • Manual paper form BEOs completed by hand is problematic to update and distribute.
  • Different BEO formats will lead to your event planning team getting confused while facing different forms rather than working with a standard option.


5 elements you should include in your banquet event order

  1. Order of Events. The order of events establishes the timing for the event down to the minute. Unless you are planning a gala or complicated reception, it rather suits weddings, than corporate events. Your order of events will have listed everything from the introduction of the bridal party to the cutting of the cake, as well as such organisation processes opening and closing of the bar.
  2. Menus. Regardless of whether you are having a buffet or plated meal – list every menu item in the order it is served (e.g. appetizers, mains, dessert, coffee). Don?t forget to include vegetarian options and children?s menus.
  3. Set Up & Equipment. Include a seating plan or at least a note about the room set up, types of tables and arrangements. Include audio-visual equipment in this section as well. Make certain you listed every screen, power strip, internet line or microphone.
  4. Vendor Information. Enclose a list of names and phone numbers of all vendors, such as florists, DJs or caterers.
  5. Special Requests. Note any special requests you have made next to each related section. This is especially important regarding menu items.

BEO Banquest event order


BEO in 2018

The modern BEO builds upon the nature of event planning. Even when you are using event management software, consider if you are getting the most out of it.

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The standard banquet event order.

A BEO is always required to manage any type of the event. The BEO is a guideline for every person having to do with an event. It is a strong case for standardization since many of your staff will need it.

For example, there may be a misunderstanding if you provide your kitchen staff with BEO forms without a well-structured order of critical information. They will lose too much time looking for the necessary information or trying to understand unclear handwriting. Or maybe you forgot to include an important piece of information.

In the complex event-planning process after the multiple rounds of discussion and written notes, errors are inevitable. But with the standardized BEO, the necessary information is supplied to the team directly.

Flexibility of BEO

There is no one-size-fits-all solution. Make sure your banquet event order (BEO) is customisable to the needs of your organization. Eazyplan adapts all forms to the processes of your organisation and particularities of the event you are planning.

Automatic banquet event orders

Proposals, bookings, contracts, and other event-related documents are already in place by the time you?re ready to create a BEO. Manually adding information is not only a waste of time, it is the shortest path to human error that will make your document inaccurate. Eazyplan automatically populates BEO forms and makes them available to your relevant team members.

Automatic updates of BEO

Being ready to change is the very core of event planning. The final number of attendees may fluctuate until the deadline. The customers often revisit their menus and make last-minute changes. Make sure it is easy to submit changes to a BEO. Otherwise, you will waste your time and make mistakes. Eazyplan refreshes BEO forms with the most up-to-date data and always keeps them updated.

Easy to share the banquet event orders

There is a number of people expecting to have an updated version of the BEO every time it changes. Make sure you can distribute it with very little effort. The members of your staff and your customers should have updated BEOs in their hands as quickly as possible. Eazyplan automatically notifies your team of all important changes and makes sure everybody sees the latest version before execution begins.


An automated BEO saves your time.

Event management software like eazyplan makes creating the right banquet event orders or BEO effortless. Furthermore, you can increase bookings and streamline your planning process, using a cloud-based event management system that automates the majority of your repetitive tasks.


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