Best wedding planning apps

Best wedding planning apps? Easy! As soon as you?ve got engaged, you definitely have thousands of ideas and plans in your head. But probably you don?t know, where to start. The other essential thing is that you simply don?t have enough time to think about all the important tasks, which you will need to do the next months. The solution is to find your best wedding planning apps. For example, you are working full-time, you can?t take vacations to sit and think about all the locations, vendors and decorations for your wedding. Some brides say that they event don?t have enough time to get inspiration and find the right options for their big day. That?s why they are always monitoring the best wedding planning apps to make their planning process easier.

Wedding planner app?is relatively new on the market. However, the wedding industry is growing rapidly, introducing new tools and ideas, which you can find online. For those who are often on business trips, are travelling or can?t spend much time on their laptops, there is a solution ? wedding planner apps, which can help you to plan your wedding. The best wedding planning apps, which you can easily download for your smartphone, are focused on various functions:

  1. Need wedding inspiration? Create your boards of flowers, colours, DIY ideas, favours, makeup and hairstyle ideas, share your ideas with your friends, discuss the options, and, finally, show your thoughts to vendors to achieve perfect results (example: Pinterest).
  2. Looking for DIY tutorials and ideas for your wedding? Or you would like to share your crafts with other brides? (example: Snapguide). Use it as your wedding planning app and enjoy planning.
  3. One of the things, which unfortunately are not under your control, is the weather conditions on the day of your wedding. This is especially important for the outdoor weddings, al fresco lunches and outdoor wedding entertainment. Download the app and be prepared for your day (example: Weather Underground).
  4. Choosing your perfect colour palette. Have you decided on your main wedding colour? Now you can find the perfect colour palette for your wedding decorations, flowers and other elements having complementary colour options. Combining colours, you will be able to find an ideal mix (example: Pantone Studio). Colours are important for a wedding, so this app can serve as a useful wedding planner app.
  5. How to keep your thoughts in one place? There is a note-taking app, which you can efficiently use on all your technical devices. No matter what you want to keep ? a picture, or a piece of text, or a document, you can keep it in your account (example: Evernote). This app is useful all types of events, including weddings. So this can be useful for you as a wedding planner app free.
  6. Searching for some fashion ideas? You will find thousands of wedding dress ideas, pictures and event bridal salons (example: Wedding LookBook by The Knot). This wedding planning app will help you to make the right decision while looking for your perfect dress.
  7. Wish to create your perfect wedding playlist? Collect all your music favourites in one place (example: Spotify). You can play music from your smartphone or show your playlist to your wedding DJ.
  8. TheGlamApp will help you to find your beauty inspiration.
  9. Want to share your wedding pictures with your friends? Ask your guests to download this wedding planning app, and you will get your wedding photos captured by different people in just one place ? a perfect opportunity to collect all the pics and see them after the wedding (example: Veri).
  10. If you need help monitoring and controlling your wedding budget ? use Mint.
  11. An app, which will help every bride to get a beach-ready body for the perfect day, is MyFitnessPal: set your goals and track your progress.
  12. Looking for paperless invitations for your guests after you have received back your RSVPs? Choose the perfect invitation, customise it according to your needs and send it from your phone (example: Paperless Post).

Wedding planner apps can make your wedding planning processes easier and enjoyable. You will like the variety of tools ? from ideas and inspiration to wedding countdown and photo sharing! The functions of such apps differ from choosing the right colours for your wedding to planning and booking your perfect honeymoon. Some apps will give you ideas how to DIY the gifts and favours for your guests, some of them will lead you to real shopping activities and help you to find the right vendors and locations for your wedding.


Wedding planning app

Wedding planner apps can save your time while planning. Wedding planning is not only stressful but also time-consuming. To help the bride making the right decision, there are hundreds of best wedding planning apps with various functions. Of course, the wedding planner app free cannot make all the wedding planning job for you. However, they can make your preparations much easier ? and the good thing: no matter where you are, your best wedding planning apps are always with you!

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