Catering order form template

Catering order form template is a document which specifies the clients? food and catering requirement for the event. A catering order form template may be changed to the amendments of the number of guests and guests? food preferences. However, make sure to make all the necessary amendments lot later than one week before the event.

The catering company always needs to know the time required for the food preparation and delivery. A catering order forms template includes times and dates for the preparation, delivery and serving food, payment methods, type(s) of the menus.

A catering order form template is especially useful if you let your clients add their contact information, number of people attending the event, selections of food and menus, the guests? special food preferences (including dietary restrictions), etc.

catering order form template

The catering order forms template usually includes:

  1. Event type (for example, birthday, anniversary, wedding, corporate event, business meeting, etc.);
  2. Event name (the event name is usually added to your catering order forms template);
  3. Date (year, month, day; day of the week);
  4. Event venue (country, city, event location, etc.);
  5. Number of guests;
  6. Type of catering services (sit-down meals, buffet, snacks and finger food, etc.);
  7. Contact information of the client (name, email, telephone number);
  8. Contact information of the catering company (detailed information of the catering company ? website, email, telephone number, etc.);
  9. Start of the event (date and time);
  10. End of the event (time of all vendors? departure and beginning of the cleaning up);
  11. Special dietary and food requirements (kids menus, vegetarian, kosher, nut free, gluten free, etc.)
  12. Additional rentals and supplies (dinnerware and tableware, silverware, china, d?cor elements, etc.);
  13. Quantity: number of menus from the catering list (price per item/menu);
  14. Total amount (price): for the overall catering services and menus;
  15. Payment methods: indicate what payment methods you prefer: credit card, PayPal, cash, check, money order, etc.;
  16. Account information: details of the account to be charged.

Filling in your catering order template and sending it to your catering company, await a response. The catering company will review your order and send your order confirmation. The catering companies may have lots of additional questions concerning your catering requirements. These questions are usually sent to the clients by email or are clarified by phone. The catering companies usually offer discounts for event catering for events of 30+ guests. More significant discounts may be considered for events of more than 100 guests (for example, weddings).

You always need to consider all the details in your catering form template and remember that catering is one the most important parts of any event.

Catering is one of the essential parts of any event. Thinking of an event, people always have in mind the preferred menu options. The menu offers differ from sit-down meals to buffet tables, from snacks to complicated menus created by world?s famous cooking artists.

A catering order template contains a selection of meals, the quantity of the menus and specific food elements. Using a catering form template introduced by eazyplan, you will be able to make all the necessary changes in your menu and add food items according to your guests? needs.

catering order forms template

Catering event order form template is a part of the event planner?s work, or a part of a caterer, or of a person who is in charge of the meals at the event.

While creating a catering form template, make sure you know all the specific guests? preferences concerning the food ? vegetarian, kosher, nut free, gluten free, kids? meals, etc. Ensure the best catering results by filling in the catering order form template word, which in most resources is the same as the banquet order form (BEO).

Ordering catering options for your event often require a catering order form template. You can find a catering event order form template using various examples. You can also benefit from the free catering contract template while planning your event.

To make your event planning process easier, eazyplan introduces a catering order form template which you can download to plan your upcoming event.

Catering order form template download

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