Conference planning checklists

Conference planning checklists are important when it comes to planning an event such as conferences, exhibitions, tradeshows, etc. There are lots of details to think about. The conference planning checklists, which include the main points of the planning, is extremely useful. It will help you not to forget to plan the most important details. That?s why the conference planning templates are the solution for any event planner.

conference planning checklists

There are main points of the planning process which you should think about and add to the conference planning check list.

1.??? The venue. Here you will need to think about the following information:

a)??? rental costs. Do the costs fit into your event budget? These costs often depend on the size of the venue, which in its turn, depends on the number of event participants. At some venues, the rental prices differ depending on the time of the year and the day of the week. As soon as you have your final number of guests and the venue matches all the required criteria, it?s time to check the availability on the planned date of the event. The conference planning checklists will help you to make the right decision.

b)??? Availability of equipment and supplies. Planning a conference, you would need a lecture hall with all the necessary equipment for the speakers and presenters. Make sure, the venue has all the supplies ? tables, chairs, technical equipment, such as microphones, speakers, visual equipment (projectors, screens, video conference and webcast technologies). For larger conferences, where not everybody speaks the same language, simultaneous interpretation equipment is needed. If the venue doesn?t provide technical equipment, think about the companies, where you can acquire it and don?t forget to add these expenses to the calculations of your event budget. Make notes in your conference planning checklists and check all the details with the venue.

c)??? Catering. Does the venue offer catering options, or you will need to hire a catering company?

d)??? Wheelchair accessibility. Another issue to think about is the wheelchair accessibility for the participants.

e)??? Multiple rooms. In case you are planning a conference, which includes not only the series of lectures and presentations, but also various workshops and seminars taking place simultaneously during the conference, make sure the venue has multiple rooms to host your event.

f)??? Staff. The next thing to think about is the venue staff who will help during the day(s) of your event, for example, cleaning or changing the trash cans.

g)??? Parking. Does the venue have enough parking places? Is valet parking available?

2.??? Speakers and presenters. Are you planning a guest speaker for your event? If yes, think about discussing your plans with the speaker ? accommodation, transportation and the fees. If you are planning a virtual presence of the guest speaker, make sure you have special equipment for a multichannel online conference. The activities of speakers and presenters are the key components of the event ? don?t forget to add them to your conference planning check list.

3.??? Advertising. During your planning process, it?s time to tell your target audience about the upcoming conference. Make sure the company which is planning this event, places its name and logo on various media. You can use the traditional media, such as posters, banners, flyers, brochures, catalogues and, of course, use online media ? event page, social media accounts of the event (for example, twitter, facebook and instagram). If you use sponsorship activities for your event, make sure you have included your sponsor?s company name and logo on the advertising media. Keep monitoring these activities in the conference planning check list.

4.??? Food and beverages. Conferences usually include refreshments, coffee breaks, finger food and sometimes even lunches and dinners. If your budget allows, you can hire a catering company or organize self-serve buffet. Here you will also need to know the specific dietary restrictions and preferences of your guests. The conference planning checklist for this section also includes the organizator?s decision on the type of food which will be served, on the options of alcoholic drinks, appetizers and desserts. How many bottles of water for the day(s) of the conference?

5.??? Transportation and accommodation. This section is especially important for international conferences, when the guests from other cities or event countries need to be accommodated at local hotels. Some hotels hosting an event, sometimes offer discounts for the accommodation of event participants. Also, don?t forget to organize airport transfers for the attendees.

6.??? Timelines and schedules. As soon as you have set your conference date and have booked the venue and you know the final number of the event participants, you can create a timeline of conference activities including coffee breaks, conference closing and gala dinner. The timelines are always extremely useful in any conference planning check list ? think carefully before creating the correct conference schedules.

conference planning check list

These are the main sections to think about and adding to the conference planning checklists while you are planning an event. The conference planning checklist also includes other organizational processes, for example, security, arrangement of the gifts for the guests and thank you notes which will be send after the event; drawing up and setting of registration forms (for example, online), conducting after-conference surveys to monitor overall satisfaction of attendees; writing and presenting reports for sponsors, etc.

eazyplan aims to make your event planning simpler ? here you can download your conference planning templates which will serve as a useful conference checklist.

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