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Event planner contract is a must-have for every event planner. If you have decided to work on an event, be sure to sign an event planner contract to protect yourself from any risks and emergencies. Every event is unique, that?s why there is no event planning contract template, which can be used as a standard for every event.

To guarantee safety for both the event planner and the client, event planners use contracts, which outline the terms and conditions of their event cooperation. Event contract template includes all the important details of event planner’s services, such as rights and responsibilities of both parties, services provided by the planner, limitations of the liability, scheduling and rescheduling, termination of the agreement, etc.

The main goal of the event planner contract template is providing conditions of the work with the client, to avoid conflicts having the terms and conditions of their cooperation in writing.

Experts recommend including the following issues to your event planner contract:

  • specification of event planning services;
  • payment conditions: compensations, deposits, fees for the client, etc.
  • terms of event cancellation
  • terms of agreement termination
  • responsibilities and compensation in case of damages.

The event planner contract also includes basic information on the event ? place of event (venue), the address of event, city, state (area), as well as the type of the event and the date, name of the event planner as the individual or an organization, and name of the client.

Event planners may use a sample event planning contract as a basis for their future work. As soon as you have your event contract template, make sure you have discussed every detail with the client. Also, as soon as you have agreed on all the details of the contract, you can send the pdf version with your corporate stamps to the client to receive back one signed copy of the contract and be sure that no changes have been made in the document. Making amendments to the event contract template, some event planners prefer reviewing it with the lawyer. This often happens in case of destination weddings and international events, when the law in one location doesn?t apply in the areas where the event is going to take place.

Lots of clients prefer considering several event planners before signing a contract with the event planner. That?s why it is important to send your event planner contract within 24-48 hours after your client has agreed to work with you at the event. With the event planner contract, some event planners prefer sending a cover letter to express the appreciation for selecting them among others. The business of an event planner can be risky. At the same time, the ideas and expectations of the client may change, so make sure to make certain changes in the event planner contract template along the way.

The typical event planner contract template usually includes the following items:

  1. Event type (birthday, anniversary, wedding, corporate event, business meeting, tradeshow, exhibition, etc.);
  2. Event date (year, month, day);
  3. Event time (for example, if you are planning an event, such as wedding, indicate the?start of the wedding and its end, if you already know it);
  4. Number of guests (even if the number is not fixed yet, provide a range of the guests number, for example, 50-60 guests);
  5. Name(s) and contact information of the client(s)
  6. Name(s) and contact information of the event planner (including company name, contact person, website, email, telephone number(s) and address);
  7. Compensation (fees to be paid for the services of the event planner);
  8. Scope of services (detailed description of all the services provided by the event planner at all stages of event planning);
  9. Payment agreements (including terms of payments and pricing). A sample event planning contract may include a schedule of payment terms, pricing structure, dates and amounts for each payment. If you decide to work with deposits, make sure to include terms of the deposit policy (payment schedule and amounts) to the event planning contract template;
  10. Payment methods: indicate what payment methods you prefer: credit card, PayPal, cash, check, money order, etc.
  11. Cancellation policy (conditions and refunds in case your client decides to cancel the event);
  12. Termination policy;
  13. Indemnification clause, which will help you to protect yourself from injury lawsuits and reparations;
  14. Force Majeure (things which may happen without being under your control ? constructions, unexpected weather conditions, flood, etc.).

The items described above, are the main points to think about while drawing up your own event contract template.

As an event planner, be sure you have signed the contract with your client to protect yourself from any risks, damages, fees, which can occur during the process of event planning and implementation.

eazyplan aims to make the event planning process easier and provides a sample event planning contract, which you can download here.

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