Event planning app

Event planning app is the solution to stay organized 24/7, even if you don?t have access to your laptop. For example, some people often on business trips and are not able to answer emails, yet they always want to stay on track with their event planning process.

No matter what type of event you are planning, you know how stressful the planning can be. Now there are various digital tools (for example, an event planning app) which can simplify the event planning, remind you of tasks to be done and people you need to call. During the past ten years, the creation of event planner app is developing rapidly, new tools and event management apps are brought to life every day. The developers aim to produce something completely new and unique and try to add new services to make the event planning processes easier. For example, they introduce checklists which are automatically created according to your event date or develop services which help you to manage the guest lists by creating an app for events.

Being an event organizer, you do not need to manage your multiple tasks manually ? you can easily download an app for events which will help you to manage it at all stages. The tasks are usually divided into several areas of event management, where you have all the control and contact information on the venues and staff at one place.

Lots of professionals of different fields of activity ? florists, catering companies, wedding and event planners, venue owners, transportation companies ? do not imagine their regular event management processes without automatization. However, every event professional has its own vision of work, strategies, methods of communication, so everybody chooses the best event apps which will fit their work in the best way.

Considering the best event apps which are presented on the event management market today, we can say that each event planner app has its own functions according to the main purpose. Some event management apps focus on guest lists, others – on the vendor management. Some event management apps are able to create seating plans and divide event management tasks into different stages of their accomplishment.

So, to choose the best event apps to conduct your business, ask yourself the following questions:

  1. a) What scope of services does the event planner app provide? Is it much too specialized, or does it include all-in-one solutions for my business?
  2. b) Do I need these services in a digital version? Or maybe it will be better for me to manage these services manually?
  3. c) Is it user-friendly enough? Or I will need to spend hours for the installation and consultations with the event planning app team to understand how the main function work?
  4. d) Is the event planning app ?mobile? enough? In other words, can I use it without having access to my laptop while I am on the business trips?
  5. e) What is a quality-to-price ratio? Are the expenses for buying the best event apps worth spending it? What is the best free event app?
  6. f) What do other experts say? What are the reviews?
  7. g) Is a demo/trial version available? Can I try and test the event planning app before purchasing it?


Event management apps

The most popular event management apps and software, which you can use for the event management are the following:

  1. Trello. This is a tool which will help you to understand the stages of your event planning process, helping to divide to your tasks into the task which you need to do, tasks you are accomplishing and tasks you have already done for the project. Trello is simple to use, however, there are users? complaints about not having a view of the overall event management process, yet the monitoring and control of the running tasks are effective and useful.
  2. Social tables. A collaborative event planning app and software, which connects planners and venues allowing them to work together online. This technology enables creating seating charts, guest check-in and room layout designs. Perfect for small and mid-size events. Also enables communication with vendors and suppliers.
  3. Cvent. Cvent is perfect for event management, surveys, email marketing, and provides an event venue directory of more than 150,000 venues. Helps to manage meetings in the context of meeting venue selection and online registration. However, there are some complaints about the complexity of this software. Recommended for big-size events due to its price and functions.
  4. Eventbrite. Helps to reach target audience by tapping millions of active ticket buyers and users. Using Eventbrite, the event planners can create and edit events. You can promote your event and avoid paper invitations by sending online invitations and track RSVPs and sales in one place.
  5. XING Events. Offers event management solutions and helps to design every stage of the event ? from planning to post-event activities. Consists of parts, including ticketing, event promotion and management. Lets the planners access 12 million members in its database, is more focused on German-speaking users and aims to make the event planning process efficient and successful.

Event professionals use event management apps and planning software to make the workflows run smoother, to save time while planning by automation of the processes, to conduct real-time surveys and to market and promote their events.

App for events and software can be used for any types of events, starting from private birthday parties and small-size weddings to international conventions, exhibitions, conferences and meetings.


Event planner app

There are dozens of best event apps which are now introduced on the market. The advantages of event management apps are the following: the apps help you to save your time and money for sending emails (time) and printing event materials (money). It will assist you in schedule meetings and communicate with all the people involved; create RSVP (and sometimes even the invitations) for the guests, remind you of things which need to be done; help you to compose templates and contracts for your event planning.

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