Event planning checklist

Event planning checklist is a document for all people who plan and organize event. As an event planner, you always need to have a clear understanding of the goals and comprehend what exactly the client wants to see at the event. Event planning checklist will help you to consider the smallest details of the planning, control various communications and negotiations with vendors and suppliers and have a timeline for the whole process of event planning.


Event planning checklist template

Event planning checklist template will help you to start planning your event successfully, without delays and without forgetting important tasks to be done.
event planning checklist

There are lots of advice and recommendations from experienced event planners. The first recommended thing is to start planning your event as early as possible. The event planning checklist template introduces the main activities and tasks for a planning period of 12 months and more.

12 months+. The planning of the events with the number of guests of more than 75 usually begins 12 months ahead. One of the first steps of event planning is identifying event goals and objectives, date(s) selection, venue finding and developing an event plan by splitting it into dozens of tasks and responsibilities.

One of the important things of your event checklist is the estimated budget and effective allocation of financial resources. These resources may be divided into different sections, such as venue hiring fees, catering costs (food and beverages), fees for the equipment hire, fees for the speakers, travel costs, etc.). Keep monitoring the expenses of the budget during the whole process of planning.

From the beginning of the event planning process, event planning checklist will help you to focus on the human resources and the roles of each person involved in the event. Appoint an event manager and establish event committee with staff responsible for various tasks, such as public relations managers, staff in charge for design and printing of materials, social media managers, financial and administrative managers, etc. At events, such as conferences, tradeshows or exhibitions, a huge role is given to the speakers, presenters, entertainers, partners and sponsors. Assign these tasks to the volunteers or to the event staff to manage these specific tasks with each group.

4 months+. Identify the speakers, presenters and entertainers for the event: collect the presentations and speeches, request biographies and photos, organize travel and accommodation, add these details to the event checklist. Here you will also need to sign all the key contracts with the speakers, presenters and entertainers.

If you are planning an event which requires prior registration, set the registration fees and set up online registration, if needed.

Work with the venue. See if it has the sufficient conditions to host an event for the planned number of guests, whether it has all the technical equipment you need, whether it provides accommodation, parking, security, catering, etc. Again, the event checklist template will help you to manage these issues.
event checklist template

Work on the event materials, such as draft programs, event scripts (including event opening and closing). Start your advertising campaign ? prepare newsletter and magazines articles, spots on the radio and TV, information for blogs and social networks, other printed publications and ads. Develop and produce invitations, tickets, special information sheets for the event.

This is also the time to begin signing contracts with sponsors for the amounts/conditions you have agreed on. Request logos from the sponsors to add them to your printed and online advertising materials and articles. Usually the process of entering into an agreement with the sponsors consists of the following steps: a) creation of sponsorship proposal describing the benefits of sponsorship; b) identification of potential sponsors; c) communication of details and finding the areas of common interest with the sponsors; d) use of sponsor testimonials and logos in the event materials.

Create a page about your event on your website, create a facebook and Instagram (if needed) event pages. On these pages you can post the promo video about the upcoming event and answer questions from potential guests. Add information on your event on blogs, forums and other relevant websites. Event planner checklist will help you to see what social media you have covered with information about your event.

2 months+.?

  • Work closely with the speakers, presenters and entertainers ? organize the travel and accommodation details, find out their hospitality requirements, request copies of their speeches to finalize the timeline of the event. Add details to your event checklist.
  • Send reminders of invitation to get the final list of guests.
  • Publish your press release about the key speakers and key activities of the event. List the celebrities and VIP guests who will attend the event.
  • Post all the relevant event information on your website and social networks and make them circulate among all the existing and potential partners, organizations, guests, etc.
  • 1 week+. Organize meetings with staff involved in the event. Discuss all the risks that may occur and ensure the last-minute emergency plans are developed. For large-scale events, the volunteers are hired for management of unexpected cases on the day of the event.
  • Develop and produce seating plan, place cards, registration lists and name badges.
  • Confirm media attending: make sure all the media representatives are informed about their arrival time for the interview.
  • Ensure having hard copies of all the speeches, presentations, videos and other materials.
  • Send an email to all people involved in the event with the finalized version of the event script and timeline.
  • Prepare and produce all the signage.

1 day+.

  • Ensure all the office supplies are in place (paper, pens, registrations forms, blank name badges, tapes, staplers, etc.)
  • Make sure all signage is in place.
  • Meet the staff to identify the final tasks to be done before the event.
  • Distribute working sheets and instructions to the staff members, make sure everybody has a list of important contacts and phone numbers. Use your event checklist template to see whether everybody knows exactly what needs to be done.
  • Make sure you have all the parking permits for the VIP guests, directions, permissions and keys.

Day of the event.

  • Monitor and control the work of the staff to ensure they are on track.

After the event.

  • Sum up the financials: collect the receipts, documentation, data and start working on a budget.
  • Prepare and send out the thank you notes and emphasize the event success to the sponsors, speakers, presenters, entertainers, media representatives, etc.
  • Start working on the reports for the sponsors.
  • Develop a post-event publicity describing the key parts of the event, its success. Post it on the event website and pages on social media.
  • Conduct an online survey: ask the guests about their impressions of the event.
  • Conduct an evaluation outlining the weaknesses and strengths of the event.


Event planning checklist introduces main activities to start planning an event. There is no doubt that each event is unique and has its specific details which depend on various factors, such as the size of the event, number of guests, budget, number of people involved, etc. The steps described in the event planning checklist are a good start to begin planning an event.

You can download the event planning checklist template provided by eazyplan. This template will help you to be on track with the event planning.

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