Event planning template

Event planning template is used in the very beginning of the event planning process. This is a document which helps you to make the right decision on the venue, vendors and supplies within your event budget. Before planning an event and choosing the right venue, you need to know all the details and specifics of the upcoming event.

Event planning template consists of various sections which are important for the event planner and the vendors.

  1. Date of the event (or a period, if the event lasts more than one day). In case there is still no fixed date, you can speak about different potential dates and check availability by the third-parties who will work with you. If you are flexible with the date, you can pick the best one based on the prices and availability provided by the partners.
  2. Time of the event. Do you already know, at what time your event will start and end? Using your event planner template, create timeframes and ensure all the vendors have enough time for the preparation, setup and important event arrangements.
  3. Number of guests. The number of guests and the event budget are correlated, so think carefully about the number of people who will attend the event. A good solution to this question is sending RSVPs so that you can have a confirmed number of guests in advance.
  4. Event budget and costs. For events such as exhibitions or conferences, you can estimate your revenues based on the number of guests, registrations fees and sponsorship income. At private events like weddings, however, you will need to allocate your expenses to different event sections and spend them all efficiently to fit into the budget.
  5. Event marketing. The success of an event often depends on marketing campaigns which are the part of an event marketing plan. Think about all the sources where you will promote your event and spread the information about it to the target audience.
  6. Accommodation and transportation. Does the venue where you are planning your event provide accommodation for the guests? How many rooms are available for the date of the event? Speak about specific conditions and probable discounts for the accommodation with the venue staff to get special prices for your guests? accommodation. Again, sending the RSVPs and creating guest lists will help you to find out, how many rooms you will need to book for the event.event planning template
    Having a local event does not require much thinking about the transportation for the guests. For an international conference, you will need to organize flights and transfers from the airport for the speakers and presenters. This organization requires time, so make sure you have added this task to your event planner template.
  1. Organization of catering. Any conference, which takes place from the morning to the late afternoon, requires coffee breaks, lunches and sometimes dinners. Again, hiring a catering company depends on the number of your guests and the type of venue. Professional catering companies will help you to choose the right business menu and snacks and advise you on the prices for the meals. If you are planning a private event (a birthday or a wedding), your clients will give you all the information about their catering preferences and pick the best caterer for the event.
  2. Event planning supplies. Depending on the type of event, professional event planners often include a checklist of event planning supplies to their event planning template. This helps to stay organized, prepared for anything to happen.

Event planning template is useful to keep all the event planning stages and processes under control and monitor the accomplishment of all important tasks.


Event planning worksheet

Event planning worksheet is a working document where you can add, mark and make changes in the existing planning processes. Event planning worksheet usually includes a list of event supplies which a planner may need depends on the type of the event. For an international conference, for example, you will need a list of office supplies, such as pens, pencils, sharpeners, scissors, paper and notebooks. There are also emergency kits with recommended items for the brides or the bridesmaids for the wedding day.

However, there are basic supplies which can help you to save the event day and avoid unexpected things which may happen. So, planning an event, ensure having these items at the event day: toothbrushes, toothpaste and dental floss, bandages, tissues and paper towels, first aid kit, hand sanitizer, contact lenses, small sewing kits, static cling spray, hair spray, brushes and combs, lint roller, pins and hair ties, emery board and a nail clipper, granola bars, mints, gums, bottled water, small pocket mirror, hygiene products, wipes, information sheets with local taxi numbers, hospitals, hotels, phone charger, USB flash drive, power strip, garbage bags, etc.

event planning worksheet

Besides using the event planning worksheet, event planners create different binders with the list of items they will probably need on an event day. Some planners also prefer producing personalized event supplies with their company logo.


Planning an event

Planning an event, you need to think carefully about all the smallest details. The event planners help to make an event run smoothly from start to finish and think about the smallest details from the beginning of the planning process. Before the event, they work with the clients, help to find the right vendors and start working closely with third-parties. They arrange meetings, negotiate prices, organize event catering, accommodation for the guests, transportation, draw up contracts and make everything possible to meet clients? expectation within the event budget limits. At events such as weddings, the event planners help to find entertainers and DJs, work with floral design companies on decoration concepts. At conferences or exhibitions, for example, event planners help to find speakers, sponsors and assist in creating timelines with coffee breaks and lunches during the event day.

On the day of the event, a planner checks the setup, makes sure all the people involved have arrived on time, ensures proper functioning of technical equipment, controls the work of vendors and staff. The event planner stays at the event from its beginning until the end, supervises the cleaning up, meets the client to review the event bills and to discuss remaining payment details.

Some event planners specialize in certain types of events, such as weddings or corporate events. There are planners who have professional skills and experience in organizing different types of events. Anyway, an event planner must have perfect communication skills, must be an excellent time manager and be able to manage multiple tasks and responsibilities.

There are different training courses which offer degrees in event planning and hospitality management. However, the clients usually would like to see practical experience in multiple events before hiring an event planner.

To simplify the process of event planning, eazyplan introduces a useful event planning template which you can use as event planning worksheet as well.

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