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Event venue contract template is a document which will help you to check and consider all the important issues while planning an event. Planning any type of event involves careful thinking about the venue and having a good example of event venue contract template. If you decide to sign a contract with the venue, think about the questions you may ask your venue representatives to achieve perfect results. The event venue contract template, as well as the wedding venue contract template or restaurant event contract template, consists of various questions and sections which you will find extremely useful and helpful while planning.

Wedding venue contract template

The venue is the first thing a person who is planning an event thinks about. But how to find a perfect one?

event venue contract template

The wedding venue contract template and the restaurant event contract template introduce the most important questions people ask while making their final decision:

  • is the venue available at the preferred date(s)?
  • is it possible to accommodate our guests at the venue?
  • is it possible to have both the ceremony and the reception at the venue?
  • is there enough space for the outdoor ceremony and/or reception?
  • do you provide a space in case of the rain at the outdoor ceremony and/or reception?
  • is there enough space to dance?
  • do you provide heaters in case it gets cold outside?
  • is the venue offered for an exclusive use at the event date? (many people prefer having their celebration without having any other people at the venue);
  • how much is the deposit for the venue booking?
  • what is the cancellation policy?
  • until what time is it allowed to have loud music at the venue?
  • can we have a fire show, open flames, candles at the venue?
  • are we allowed to bring pets with us?
  • is your venue wheelchair accessible?
  • does the venue have a lounge area where the guests can chill/relax during the event?
  • does the venue have a liability insurance?
  • does the venue charge for using client?s own vendors?
  • can the client bring his/her own alcohol, food, drinks and/or a cake? Are there any extra charges for it? Are there any corkage fees or cake cutting fees?
  • are the rentals included in the venue hire price? (some venues offer full-package services including tables and chairs, linens, tableware and dinnerware, silverware, and other adornments);
  • what are the parking conditions? Is there any charge for the guests? Is valet parking available? Do the guests need to pay extra for the parking?
  • are there any people in charge for the cleaning up?
  • what are the service charges? (are there any other unexpected fees? These fees may include local sales taxes, hospitality fees, and other service fees. Make sure you know all the charges and amounts of tips for servers, bartenders to avoid future confusions);
  • are there any discounts for the vendors (the photographers, videographers and other vendors which your client has hired for the event may need an accommodation and will need a meal ? the client can ask for a discount rate for his/her vendors);
  • are there any discounts for the kids? (the kids meals vary from venue to venue, so make sure you have discussed all the kids menus and the kids? entertainment options with the event location);
  • do you provide technical equipment for the event? Does a venue have sufficient technical resources for an event? Or do you need to hire it from the third parties?wedding venue contract template

Venue hire contract template

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wedding venue contract template

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