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Free catering contract template will help to prevent misunderstandings, to specify the selected menus, to manage the cancellations and to avoid unexpected clients? decisions, which may lead to payment failures.

Free catering contract template is especially useful for people planning any type of event ? weddings, birthdays, private parties, corporate events, incentives, etc. Catering is an essential part of any event. As a person planning an event or as an event professional, you can benefit from free catering contract template. You need to have a specific catering agreement (or catering contract template free), which is signed by the client and the company that provides catering services for the event.

Catering services may cover an event day or a period of events according to the terms and conditions, which are set out in the documents. The free catering contract template may be used by the clients, by caterers themselves, by event planners or by other vendors who use catering as a part of their services.

catering contract template free

Catering contract template word

Who needs a catering contracts template free?

  • the venue providing menus, appetizers, drinks, desserts;
  • wedding planners and event planners who organize an event;
  • caterers serving corporate events, such as seminars or workshops;
  • an organization, which plans a fundraising event;
  • an individual who plan a private party, a birthday, an anniversary, a family reunion, a bachelor party, etc.


Catering contracts template free

While drawing up a catering contract template word, we recommend you consider the following elements:

  • event period (event day/days of series of events);
  • time of event;
  • duration of serving meals and drinks;
  • information about seated meal or buffet-style;free catering contract template
  • availability of circulating food among the guests;
  • availability of bartenders;
  • number of guests;
  • supplies (tableware, dinnerware, linens provided by the caterer);
  • name and location of the catering company;
  • payment methods: deposits, cancellation policy;
  • flat rate vs hourly rate;
  • intellectual property: the catering contracts template free may include certain rights that are presented in the menus, recipes, ingredients;
  • detailed information on location.

Use the free catering contract template provided by eazyplan to keep in mind everything you should consider while planning and organizing the catering for your event.

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