How much does a wedding planner cost

How much does a wedding planner cost or how much is a wedding planner is a question which people who plan an event ask themselves. Wedding planners play an important role in the wedding planning ? they control your event is running smoothly, conduct communications and negotiations with the vendors and supervise the work of the event staff on your big event.

So, let?s see how much does a wedding planner cost. It is often based on various factors.

The prices for the event planner usually vary from 500$ to 2000$ per month depending not only on the type the event and event size, but also on the wedding planner?s experience and qualification. According to the data provided by the Association of Bridal Consultants, the national average for US is $3,262.

There are various methods of payment: the flat rate, the percentage of your budget and the hourly cost of the wedding planner?s work.

Usually, the clients estimate around 15% for the wedding planner expenses from their wedding budget. However, there are additional fees for the wedding coordination. Experts recommend not to save on these expenses, as the coordination will help you a lot to arrange all your wedding details as good as possible.


Wedding planner cost

Wedding planner cost depends on the number and scope of activities associated with the planning. Wedding planner prices vary significantly depending on the location, wedding planner experience and number of services which you would like to receive.

Cooperation before the wedding. The interaction with the wedding planner starts at the first consultation, when the client and the wedding planner meet and discuss the overall vision of the upcoming event. The client asks lots of questions where he or she usually does not have a clear planning understanding and needs help.? Starting from the first questions on the venue and wedding theme, the wedding planner helps the client to make the right decisions.

The wedding planner cost for such consultations depend not only on the wedding planner experience, country, but also the area. For example, in the USA one hour of consulting costs $40-$50 per hour in rural areas and $100-150 per hour in large cities, such as New York or Boston.

Hiring a planner for your wedding means there will be no tasks you could forget about. The wedding planner takes responsibility for multiple tasks management and will remind you of things to be done in time.

Coordination on the wedding day. This is a perfect opportunity to let the wedding planner/coordinator manage, supervise and control all the tasks on the wedding day. The costs for the coordination often depend on the type and size of the wedding, on the number of locations and even on the area. So, depending on your wedding location and the factor ?wedding planner near me? will play a significant role.

The coordination of the wedding day itself starts from $600 and may reach $1,200-$1,800 in large cities and metropolitan areas. However, for wedding with 200+ guests, an additional assistant is needed, so the costs for the coordination may increase significantly.

Full packages of wedding planning. Again, the costs for full packages, which include prices for the wedding planning, preparation and the coordination at the event (so called wedding packages) may vary. In some areas a package for a small-size wedding for 50 guests can cost from $2,000-$3,000, and in large cities reach up to $3500-$5,000. Also important is to note the wedding planner?s experience and qualification and the involvement of the client in the wedding. For example, if the client is not involved in the wedding processes at all, a wedding package can even cost $5,000-$10,000.


How much is a wedding planner

How much is a wedding planner is not the only question which is frequently asked. Lots of people know that the wedding planner prices often depend on the location, that?s why they would like to know, if there is a ?wedding planner near me?.

A wedding planning usually involves a lot of work. That?s why wedding planner prices depend on the number of tasks and degree of responsibility and involvement into the wedding planning process. For example, a wedding planner needs to accomplish tasks, to make the countless decisions, to choose the right locations and vendors. That?s why a good idea is to hire a professional who will do the hard work for you ? a wedding planner.

A wedding planner will assist you in all planning processes ? from the initial consultation, to the coordination of the wedding day. The important thing is that these professional are also able to help you to allocate your wedding budget resources wisely, considering all the smallest details.

Before planning a wedding, the people planning a wedding often ask themselves: do we need a wedding planner? Do I need to take vacations and temporary quit my job to plan my perfect wedding?

A frequently asked question is not only ?how much does a wedding planner cost?, but also a question ?Is hiring a wedding planner a good investment??. The experts say, that choosing the right wedding planner will save you not only your time, but also your money.

The main things which a wedding planner will help you to manage are the following:

  1. Planning your wedding budget: finding the right venues, locations, vendors, supplies, etc.
  2. Adaption of your ideas of colours, theme and design to the wedding.
  3. Saving your time and let you enjoy the stress-free wedding preparations.
  4. Drawing up contracts with the third-parties.
  5. Getting discounts by the vendors.
  6. Creating multiple timelines for the smooth running of the planning process and the wedding day.
  7. Coordination of the wedding day.


Wedding planner near me

If you decided to hire a professional, there are a lot of questions to ask your wedding planner:

  1. Availability of the wedding planner on the wedding date.
  2. Costs of wedding planner?s services: what are the payment conditions (percent, fixed price, etc.)? Will the couple have additional expenses for the wedding planner, such as for the travelling, food, parking, etc.)
  3. Scope of services: consultation, full-service (including event styling, event designing, drawing up contracts, management of payment processes, handling invitations, guest list coordination, RSVPs, handling the rentals and supplies, management of all negotiations with the vendors), wedding day coordination only, etc.
  4. Other projects at the same date: are you available for the entire day of our wedding day?
  5. Planning experience: how many weddings did the professional plan and coordinated? Did the planner also destination weddings? What was the most unique wedding the professional has ever planned?
  6. Network of vendors: does the wedding planner have the specific event professionals to work with? Do they offer discounts within your cooperation?
  7. Communication: how many meetings does the professional plan with the client? What are the communication methods: e-mail, phone, meetings? Is planner available on weekends?
  8. Staff at the wedding: how many people of wedding planner?s staff will work at the wedding?
  9. Emergencies: who will work on the planning processes in case the wedding planner gets sick?
  10. Timelines and checklists: does the planner create timelines and checklists for all the process of planning and for the wedding day?
  11. References: does the planner have testimonials from other couples and other event professionals?
  12. Budget: will the wedding planner help the couple to stay within the budget?
  13. Insurance: does the wedding planner have a personal liability and professional indemnity insurance?
  14. How much does a wedding planner cost: again, the wedding professional will provide calculation and wedding planner prices based on your ideas and requirements.

So, you can answer the question ?how much does a wedding planner cost? or ?how much is a wedding planner? after you have created a clear vision of your wedding and know exactly what you would like to have at your event.

A wedding planner?s work is especially useful if the couple plans a destination wedding ? a wedding in the location which is not familiar to them. A professional planner will help to find the right people and turn the wedding dreams into reality.

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