Party planning checklist

Party planning checklist is extremely useful if you are planning a private event and want to keep on track every task of the planning process. Party planning checklist will help you to make the right decision, to create timelines, delegate responsibilities and tasks and monitor all planning flows.

Party planning checklist usually involves a lot of time and things to do, starting from thinking about the right party theme, design, location and number of guests.? The host often takes care of all the smallest details to make all the guests feel happy and comfortable at the party. Some hosts may also hire a professional party planner to save time for communication and organization of the event.

party planning checklist

A party planner checklist can help you to pay attention to details and create your own timeline to accomplish all the tasks in time. A party planning checklist will help you to concentrate on the important things without forgetting anything during your planning process. In these party planning templates, you can mark all the tasks which you need to do, see the completed tasks and evaluate the timing of planning.


Party planning templates

Party planning templates are important to make the final decision about the basic elements of your event. Depending on the type, size and number of guests, the process of planning may start several months ahead or a few days before the event.

Party planning templates will help you to stay organized.

The party planning template usually consists of the following sections:

  1. Event goal, objectives and tasks.
  2. Type of the party.
  3. Party date.
  4. Time of the party.
  5. Location of the party (the venue).
  6. Number of guests.
  7. Master plan of the event.
  8. Estimation of costs (including rentals, supplies, catering, equipment, transportation costs, taxes, etc.)
  9. Name and contact information of the host or event manager.
  10. Publicity and branding of the event.
  11. Staff information (indicate all staff involved in planning and running of the party).
  12. Indication of speakers and presenters at the party (if needed).
  13. Party entertainment (type, variety of acts, bands, shows, etc.)
  14. Sponsorship: list of the party sponsors (if needed).

These are the main parts of the party planning template which you need to consider during the party planning process. You can make all the necessary changes, add alternatives and sum up the expenses.

Party planning template will help you to consider alternatives and different options to finally make the right decision.

Party planner checklist

Party planner checklist is a perfect tool to keep in mind all the important tasks. As soon as the goals and the party target groups have been identified, you can create your checklist and see what tasks need to be completed in the next periods of time. Don?t forget to add to your party planner templates all the smallest details of a party planning, split the big tasks into small ones and make sure you don?t miss the tiniest detail. If you are a venue owner, consider other events which take place the next day, the day before or event on the same day. Professional event planners benefit from having multiple events on their site and save money on supplies, rentals and catering services.

The private party planning is usually divided into three different time sections: before the party, the party, the time after the party. What do you usually need to do during these three stages? Let?s have a quick look.

Before the event. Make sure you have a clear vision of what your event will look. Be sure the type of the event and number of guests fit into the chosen location, and you have enough resources (financial, human, organization, technical, etc.) to organize this event.

Create a list of people you would like to invite, create invitations and send them out using e-mail, phone or personal meetings.

Think about the catering options: what menu would fit the party in the best way? Are there any dietary restrictions for your guests? Do you invite children? Do they need a separate menu? Think about the beverages and the alcohol as well. Are you planning to cook for the guests or you will hire the catering company? In case you cook yourself, create a cooking schedule: how, when and what you will cook for the party. Make notes in your party planner checklist in order not to forget any detail.

party planner checklist

Who will handle the event decoration and design? If this is your task, create a list of all the supplies you will need to design the party space: paper goods or flowers, candles or linens, chair covers, etc. Create your own party supply checklist and need all the items you will need for your event.

Party supply checklist will make you think about the following supplies.

Think about the dinnerware. Do you have enough platters and serving pieces? You will need plates for appetizers, salads, dinner, desserts; glasses for water, wine, champagne, beer; cups for tea and coffee.

Also think carefully about the silverware ? think through each course and don?t forget about the silverware for the tea, coffee and desserts.

Think about the main centrepieces for the party. In case this is the task of the event manager who you have hired, make sure he or she knows all your ideas, wishes and expectations.

If you are serving cocktails, don?t forget about the ice: is there enough ice for the party? Do you have scoops and ice tongs as well?

Do you have enough napkins, candles, salt and pepper; tea and coffee, cream and sugar, bottle openers, lime and lemons?

Plan the technical resources: do you need AV equipment, loudspeakers, microphones, screens? Order or book the equipment ahead to make sure you will have all the necessary things for the party. Think about the technician who you would need to check all the technical details.

Think about the layout of the party space: is there enough space for the flows of the guests? Do the party spaces allow dancing?

Create a plan for the music and lighting.

Think of the cleaning supplies which you will need before and after the event: paper towels garbage bags, dishwashing soap and other cleaners.

The party. In case your party takes place in winter, think about the coat racks for your guests? overcoats, boots or umbrellas. Is there a separate room for the cloths or you need to arrange a place in your party space?

There are also organizational things which you shouldn?t forget: if it is an al fresco party with grilling, check the coals, fuel and the tank. For any type of event, don?t forget to chill the beverages, to charge your phone and the camera.

If possible, ask your clients about how they feel at the party, what the like and dislike. At the end of the party, ask them about the most memorable moment of the event and what they would like to see/eat/feel at future events like this.? Using your party planner templates for adding the feedbacks will help you to develop your professionalism for the future.

After the party. If you are regularly planning events, it will be useful for to take notes and record the amounts of supplies, food and materials which was left over. Evaluate the impressions of the guests, think about what you can do better next time.

This information is useful for your future work as a planner. Lots of professionals are also taking notes and create short summaries of the event to remember this day and add it to their working experience as a party and event planner.

eazyplan aims to help you to plan unforgettable events providing useful documents, such as checklists, templates, worksheets and spreadsheets. You can easily download a party planning checklist and see what tasks need to be accomplished and what things require special attention while planning.

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