Planning a wedding in 6 months

Planning a wedding in 6 months can be stressful and take lots of concentration and time to arrange all the important things. Usually, the couples prefer starting planning their wedding 12-16 months ahead. Planning a wedding in 6 months is a bit risky: your perfect venue may probably be booked at this date and the vendors may not be available to work on your wedding. However, there are lots of couples planning a wedding in 6 months or even 5 months ahead without experiencing any difficulties and stress. They hire a wedding planner, use various online planning tools, checklists, spreadsheets and spend much time on the planning.

?How to plan a wedding in 6 months? is a question which requires careful thinking about all the smallest details. If there are just 6 months until your big day, you definitely need a 6 month wedding checklist. There are lots of tasks and arrangements to think about and organize.

planning a wedding in 6 months

The first thing you need to do is nailing down your wedding budget. The budget may impact your choice of the wedding venue, the number of guests, the style of your wedding and the number of entertainment acts you will have at your wedding.

So, you have 6 months, you have chosen and booked your venue, you know, where to order or purchase your wedding attire. Also, planning a wedding in 6 months, think ahead about the guests who you are going to invite. Ask your partner, family and friends to create lists of invitees and decide on the final number depending on your budget.

The next thing on your 6 month planning checklist is finding the right vendors who will be able to turn all your wedding ideas into reality. The list of vendors usually include a wedding planner and coordinator (if needed), caterer, cake company, officiant, florist, decorator, venue, photographer, videographer, DJ, live band, musicians and entertainers, sound and light professionals, bartenders, wedding car driver(s), valet staff, etc.

Within your 6 month wedding checklist create your wedding timeline: at what time would you like to have your ceremony? Will it be an outdoor ceremony, or it will take place in a hall? If you are flexible with the dates, negotiate the details with the venue you have chosen and make the final decision.

A perfect idea to tell your guests about your upcoming event is to send them online RSVPs. There are various digital tools, which will help you to save time, money and collect all the responses and details.

Even if you have booked all your vendors, you still need to make dozens of appointments ? for example, meetings with the caterers, appointments for the cake tasting, makeup and hair trials, to discuss the shot lists with your photographer or a song list with a DJ or cover band.

Another task of your 6 month wedding checklist is having several fittings for your wedding dress, purchasing the wedding rings, choosing the shoes and lingerie, and making sure the bridesmaids? dresses match with your wedding dress.

As soon as there are three months left until your wedding, make sure you have ordered your stationery (paper invitations, place cards, table numbers, signage, labels for the gifts and favours for your guests, paper thank your notes, etc.). Besides, think of all the rentals and supplies you would need for your wedding reception (china, tableware, silverware, chair covers, special decoration items, etc.). If the venue doesn?t provide the rentals you need, think about renting these items by third parties.

Two months before your wedding, having all the RSVPs, send out the invitations, create your wedding website and provide additional information on your wedding day schedule, locations, maps and add a story about the bride and groom. In case you have decided to leave for your honeymoon after the wedding, book your holidays and start creating a list for the future packing (to avoid stress in the last days before the wedding).

Having a month before your wedding, make sure you all your wedding accessories and items well prepared and ready, deliver the final number of your guests to your caterer and venue, discuss all the dietary restrictions and meals preferences of your guests. Think about the menus for the kids and entertainment options for your small invitees to let them have fun at your wedding. Have some makeup and hair trials, book transportation for the wedding day, discuss the final shot list with the photographer and wedding video details with the videographer, get your marriage license, discuss your ceremony schedule and speeches with the officiant.

Don?t forget that?s it?s okay to delegate some important tasks to your family members or friends ? ask them to be involved in your wedding planning process.


6 month wedding planning timeline

6 month wedding planning timeline?is usually a more condensed version of standard planning timeline that covers about 12-16 months. In case you have decided to shorten your planning time, here is the structure of your 6 month wedding planning timeline.

how to plan a wedding in 6 months

Planning a wedding in 6 months, create your wedding checklist, decide on your final wedding date (or, if you are flexible, on the range of dates), set your budget, decide on the type, style and theme of your wedding, create your guest list, start searching and booking the right vendors. First of all, choose your perfect venue for your ceremony and reception (these can be two separate locations, depending on your preferences and expectations), find and book a caterer, set up your registry and select the wedding party. Find and book other vendors: florist, photographer and videographer, decorator, musicians and bands, entertainers, officiant, cake company transportation company. Start shopping for attire for the bride and groom, choose your wedding rings, book hotel rooms for your guests’ accommodation, create your wedding website, send out the save-the-dates (you can also easily do this online).

5 months before your wedding: start shopping shoes, lingerie, jewellery, and accessories for the dress and hair, discuss the dresses for the bridesmaids. Confirm bookings and discuss details with your vendors: makeup and hair artists, transportation companies. If you lack certain d?cor elements, find and book a company providing rentals and supplies. Start creating and ordering your invitations.

4 months before your wedding: purchase your wedding rings, plan the rehearsal dinner. Stay on track of all the negotiations, meetings, appointments and discussions with the vendors.

3 months before your wedding: decide on the gifts and favours for your guests, plan your honeymoon, have your catering menus and cake tastings.

2 months before your wedding: have your makeup and hair trials, plan and organise your bridal shower, bachelor party. Create a song list and discuss it with your DJ and live bands. Send out your invitations, buy gifts and start creating your thank you notes.

1 month before your wedding: get your marriage license and confirm all the details with vendors.

2 weeks before your wedding: create seating charts, table plans. Create your minute-by-minute wedding day timeline and discuss it with your wedding planner, if you have one.

The day before your wedding: have your ceremony rehearsal and rehearsal dinner. Enjoy some beauty treatment, get enough sleep and try to relax before your big day. And, finally, get married!

Again, ask yourself how to plan a wedding in 6 months, be sure that everything is possible even without stress. Indeed, having a well-structured 6 month wedding checklist you will see that you can have plenty of time for your planning.

The good thing is that there are online event planning tools which will make the planning easier for you. Here you can download your 6 month wedding checklist printable and enjoy your upcoming event planning!

6-month wedding plan download

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