Printable wedding checklist

Printable wedding checklist is a document which each person who is planning a wedding wants to use. A printable wedding checklist is an important part of any event planning. This is a tool which helps you to stay on track during the whole wedding planning process.

A printable wedding checklist will help you to see the tasks to do and the completed tasks during your planning. The wedding checklist includes a useful to-do list, where you can see your meetings, appointments, reminders and time to make important decisions. If you create a wedding checklist, please note that there might be changes, additions and even after the accomplishment of several tasks you may find your checklist is growing bigger and become never-ending.

printable wedding checklist

The wedding checklist printable is usually divided into various time periods of your wedding planning time.

The planning usually begins 10-12 months before the wedding. This is the time when you need to create the timelines and the first drafts of the checklist. During this time, you will think about the main idea, theme, design and colours of your wedding and decide on the vendors you will contact the next months.

Think carefully about the entertainment options. Who will perform at your wedding? Do you want to have multiple aerial acts or a cover band playing your favourite songs? Create a list of all possible options and choose the best ones who will make your day unforgettable and what kind of acts you can afford in the frames of your wedding budget.

wedding checklist printable

Take time and discuss menus with the caterers. Choose the one who you think will create the best meals for your guests. Don?t forget about the meals for the kids and think about dietary restrictions, if needed.

Meet your florist and discuss the bridal bouquet based on the theme and style of the wedding, think about the flower decorations, starting from the main flower table centrepieces, small bouquets of fresh flowers in the venue restrooms, to boutonnieres for the groom and the groomsmen.

The second stage which is added to your printable wedding planning checklist is 8-10 months before the big day. This is the time, when the process of communication, buying and booking start. You will choose the wedding dress and groom attire and hire vendors, signing contracts and paying your first deposits.

At this time, you can also launch your wedding website. Create a portfolio of the best bride & groom pictures, write your ?how we met? story, add your wedding details (location, date and time) to the website and share the link. In other words, tell the world about your big day!

Another important stage of your printable wedding checklist is 4-6 months before the wedding is the time when you tell your guests about your happy plans by calling them or sending save-the-date announcements. By that time, you know exactly the final wedding date and time, location(s) of the reception and ceremony.

Important tasks which need to be completed during this period include planning your rehearsal dinner; thinking about the gifts and favours for your guests and buying or making them with your own hands; selecting your wedding cake; preparing your stationery (invitations and other paper goods), arranging of transportation.

Don?t forget to include to your wedding planning checklists printable the organization of rentals and supplies (in case you don?t have a wedding planner who will do this for you or in case the venue doesn?t provide all the supplies you need), such as chairs, chair covers, tableware and dinnerware, candles, linens, etc.).

At this time, you will also need to think about the transportation and accommodation for the guests who come from other cities or countries, purchase your wedding rings and think about styling for the bride: makeup and hair arrangements, adding accessories to the bride?s look.

At the time, when there are just 2-3 months before the wedding, send out the invitations and get your wedding attire fit perfectly. Make sure your bridesmaids and groomsmen have their attire as well.

Having just 1 month before the big day, check the arrival and delivery times with all your vendors ? photographer, videographer, caterer, florist, MUAH artists, musicians and bands, officiant. Clear the final details with your venue, get your marriage license. Make all the important changes and add details to your printable wedding checklist.

Using the RSVPs, make sure you know the final number of your guests. The guests often want to see who else will participate in your wedding. So using various digital tools for your RSVPs is perfect chance for your guests to know in advance, who is in. Create seating plans and place cards; finalize your wedding program and the wedding day checklist. Make sure you also already have thank you cards for your guests to send them out after the wedding. Make your final payments and clear all the wedding day details with the vendors ? use your wedding checklist printable to monitor this issue.

Having 2 weeks before your wedding, organize a bachelor or bachelorette party! Think about your speeches and toasts for your guests and prepare for the rehearsal dinner.

1 week before the wedding: check all the details of your honeymoon and start packing. Prepare tips (cash) for your vendors, try on your wedding dress and make sure it fits perfectly, try on your wedding shoes and wear them a couple of hours to feel comfortable on your wedding day.

Check you printable wedding planning checklist again. Are there any tasks which need to be done? Have you accomplished all your to-do list of your wedding planning?

Event planners and wedding professionals recommend relaxing on the day before your wedding ? do something for you, treat yourself, for example, visit SPA. You can also spend time with your friends or family. Arrange beauty activities: have a manicure and pedicure. Have your rehearsal dinner and meet your family members who just came from other cities to your wedding.

Wedding day. Get married and enjoy this wonderful day. Have a wonderful celebration and don?t forget to send out thank you cards to your guests.

Eazyplan is an online wedding planning tool which will help you to plan a wedding. Here you can easily download wedding planning checklists printable.

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