Terms of Service

Article 1. General provisions

The purpose of these Terms of Service (hereinafter referred to as ToS) is to establish the terms and conditions of the relationship between the event professional (hereinafter referred to as “Vendor”), user (hereinafter referred to as “Client”) and eazyplan.com. These ToS may be completed with other Specific Conditions.

Please read these ToS before you start using the website. By using this website you signify your assent to these ToS. Please be sure to periodically review these ToS for any changes or amendments.

These ToS may not be modified, amended, and/or changed by you in any manner.

Clients of eazyplan.com website include people planning or attending any kind of events (“Client”) and the event companies and other businesses which offer products and services related to events (“Vendors”).

eazyplan.com website operates exclusively as a platform where Client and Vendor may connect in order to receive information and/or purchase a particular type of service or product directly from the Vendor. eazyplan.com is not involved in the actual transaction between Client and Vendor, or between website visitors and Vendors. eazyplan.com has no control over the quality, accuracy, safety, or legality of the transactions that take place on this website, the accuracy of listings, or the ability of Vendor to provide products or services, and eazyplan.com is not responsible for the actions or inactions of Client and Vendor.

In addition, eazyplan.com does not guarantee that the information and/or services provided on this website will meet the requirements of Clients and provide them the expected results; that the functioning of the website will be uninterrupted, timely and free of errors; that the information will not contain viruses or other harmful components.

eazyplan.com has the right to monitor and keep all records of communication between visitors and other Clients and Vendors for administrative purposes.

For Clients: eazyplan.com is not a seller of any event products or services which are offered by the Vendor on the website. The website does not support its Vendors and does not assure quality of their products or services. Any and all communications, correspondence, oral or written, or any warranties or representations made in relation to products and services between Vendors and Clients through eazyplan.com are not provided by eazyplan.com and are specifically and exclusively between the Client and the Vendor.

eazyplan.com serves solely as a place where the Client can receive information about event products and services offered by Vendor. We cannot verify the identity of each registered Vendor and its capabilities. Based on the feedback and reviews of previous Clients, the Client can make decision concerning entering into transaction with a certain Vendor. eazyplan.com also cannot guarantee the completeness and accuracy of the information provided by a registered Vendor on eazyplan.com, this information can be obtained by using other websites and observing reviews left by previous Clients. In case the Client leaves his/her contact information on eazyplan.com, he/she acknowledges that the Vendor can contact the Client at any time using this contact information.

For Vendors: eazyplan.com does not guarantee that the Client will interact with the Vendor and purchase products or services offered by the Vendor; eazyplan.com is not responsible for assisting Vendors in selling their products and services to the Clients. If a Client enters into any transaction with the Vendor, that means that it is strictly between the Client and the Vendor, and it is not a done deal by eazyplan.com. eazyplan.com will not be a party to a dispute between the Client and Vendor, the exception in this case is the use of the eazyplan.com website.

Article 2. Listings in the directory

  1. The listing in the directory of eazyplan.com may be anytime created by the Vendor who has the right to create this listing.
  2. The listing in the directory of eazyplan.com may be anytime deleted by the Vendor who created this listing.
  3. com does not assume liability for accuracy and completeness of listings.
  4. The Vendor holds the copyright for photo and text in their listings on eazyplan.com website.
  5. com reserves the right to decide about adding listings to the directory and to decline or delete listings from the directory.
  6. com has the right but does not have the obligation to monitor posts made by Vendors and Clients on the website. Vendors and Clients are solely responsible for the content of the information they submitted.

Article 3. Registration / Claiming your Business page on eazyplan.com

If you have decided to register on eazyplan.com, you need to provide your complete personal information. You have the right to terminate or cancel your registration any time. In case you claim your listing on eazyplan.com and receive a confirmation per e-mail from eazyplan.com, you enter into a contract with eazyplan.com. To make a contract with eazyplan.com, you must be at least 18 years old and possess authority to enter into this contract and to use this website in accordance with all terms and conditions herein.

eazyplan.com provides a quick way to find venues and services for the events. In case you decide to register at eazyplan.com, you will have the possibility to use various services on the website. The purchase of special packages enables the use of additional services, such as pre-sales quote automation, centralised messenger, publication of your opinions and participation in discussions.

The duties of the Vendor are the following:

  1. Claiming of the company listing on eazyplan.com is completely voluntary and identifies those who have a listing on eazyplan.com, as Vendor.
  2. The use of offered services on this website requires that the Vendor must be at least eighteen (18) years old and have sufficient intellectual capacity to have read and understood these ToS and specific conditions. If this is not the case, the person should refrain from accessing the website or to leave it if necessary.

When posting information in the Vendor’s listings, you guarantee that you are the owner of this business or that you are authorized to represent this particular company or business and you have the right to use the business? name, data and content on your listing.

Article 4. Prohibited activities for Vendors, Clients and visitors of the website

The following activities are not allowed for Vendors, Clients and visitors on eazyplan.com:

  1. Creation of an account in another’s name.
  2. Creation of more than one account.
  3. Use of another’s account.
  4. Impersonation of another person or entity.
  5. Use of the website to break the law or applicable regulations, encourage others to do so, or offer instructions on how to do so.
  6. Offer to provide products or services that violate any applicable law, statute, ordinance or regulation (collectively ‘Laws?), or offer any products or services in a manner that violates any Laws.
  7. Conducting of any type of sweepstakes, promotion or contest without posting official rules.
  8. Use of information on the website to send unsolicited email to Vendors and Clients.
  9. Use of the website if your membership has been temporarily or permanently suspended or revoked
  10. Violation of any terms of these ToS.

Article 5. Fees

The basic package which the Vendor receives after registration on eazyplan.com, is free of charge. The basic package includes Vendor’s contact information on the eazyplan.com website, as well as the tools that automate pre-sales proposals sending to Clients, communication between the Vendor, Client and other Vendors, event project management for Vendors as well as possibilities to receive feedback and reviews from Clients. The package is limited by 10 events confirmed via eazyplan.com tools.

The Vendors may purchase a paid pro package, which removes the limit of number of events that can be managed with eazyplan.com as well as additional functions, such as reports, proactive suggestion of Vendor’s services to Clients, etc. Information on prices and fees for these packages are available on the website of eazyplan.com. The prices and fees can be changed at any time in case of offers or special discounts and temporary promotions.

Article 6. Refund Policy (No Refund)

All membership packages are sold “as is”. The customer assumes the responsibility for the purchase, and no refunds will be issued.

Article 7. Cookies

The website of eazyplan.com uses cookies aiming to facilitate and improve personal navigating through the Internet. Cookies are small pieces of data that are stored by the computers of the target web-page on the Internet browsers of accessing Vendors and Clients. Thereby, at the repeated visits of the website, the personal navigation preferences (cookies) will be directly provided and displayed for the Vendors and Clients.

Vendors or Clients can enquire how to manage their own cookies by reading the description under the following link: http://bit.ly/1Q7gtJE.

Article 8. Protection of intellectual property

You acknowledge that by using this website you do not have a permission to use the intellectual property content of eazyplan.com and/or the content of third parties or other Vendors on this website. You do not have the right to duplicate, reproduce, modify, display, sell or distribute intellectual property content, including the information that you or another visitor or Client have submitted, or to use the intellectual property content of eazyplan.com for public or commercial purposes. All trade names, trademarks or distinctive signs, logos, symbols, figures or names that appear on this website are the property of their rightful owners.

In the case of suspect that a Vendor or third party considers a violation of their intellectual property rights, they will email legal@eazyplan.com indicating the following information:

  1. Personal information of the holder of the rights allegedly infringed. If the claim is submitted by someone other than the person concerned, it shall indicate on whose behalf they are acting.
  2. A description of the protected content and its location on the website.
  3. Timely accreditation of these Intellectual property rights.
  4. An expressed statement in which the holder states responsibility for the veracity of information.

Article 9. Closure of personal pages (accounts), exclusion of responsibility

  1. com is entitled to partially or totally close without notice any personal page of the Vendor (Account) should the Vendor breach these ToS.
  2. com allows registered Vendors and other Clients to comment photos and videos and to leave comments, as well as to express opinions concerning the offered services and content. The published contents are created both by the Vendors themselves and by eazyplan.com using own and external sources. eazyplan.com does not assume liability for any mistakes or unlawful remarks by Vendors and Clients that may occur in the published content of the website. eazyplan.com checks sporadically all contents of the website: thereby, for eazyplan.com it is not possible to verify the completeness of the contents and eazyplan.com cannot assume any responsibility for the content.
  3. com also provides links from third parties on the website, exclusively for the use of information and service procurement of visitors, Clients and Vendors. eazyplan.com declines any responsibility and control over the authenticity of the content of these external sites. Only the owners of the external sites are responsible for the content. In this case, only Vendors and Clients are responsible for navigation on external websites that do not belong to eazyplan.com.
  4. If the Vendor or a Client performs an action or leaves a comment that differs greatly from the opinions of other website visitors, this action may lead to deletion of the comment or to final exclusion of Vendor or a Client.
  5. com reserves the right to delete from the website all the content deemed to be offensive or when there is reasonable doubt about the adequacy of the content, without informing the Vendor about this action.
  6. com makes every effort to ensure the correctness of the content of those pages, which are presented on eazyplan.com. Nevertheless, eazyplan.com cannot assure provision and guarantees as to the completeness or accuracy of the content of Vendor’s pages. The websites of Vendor accounts may be incomplete or can contain mistakes, and therefore can be changed or improved any time by eazyplan.com.
  7. Under no circumstances is eazyplan.com responsible for the contents that are generated by the Vendors or Clients on their accounts. eazyplan.com has no obligation to monitor the content on the personal pages of Vendor’s accounts on the website of eazyplan.com.
  8. If not otherwise stated in these ToS, eazyplan.com is not liable for any damages (of any kind) arising from any lack of accuracy, completeness or authenticity, as well as not for those who may damage the contents of the personal pages of Vendor’s (accounts) due to the errors or misrepresentations.

Article 10. Place of fulfillment and place of jurisdiction

eazyplan.com reserves the right, but has no obligation, to monitor disputes between visitors, Clients and Vendors. You agree to release eazyplan.com, its officers, directors, agents, and employees from all claims, demands and damages (actual and consequential) of any kind and nature, known and unknown, suspected and unsuspected, disclosed and undisclosed, arising out of or in any way connected with any disputes between you and any other eazyplan.com visitors, Clients and Vendors.

You also agree to release eazyplan.com, its officers, directors, agents, and employees from all claims that any of your submitted information includes materials owned by third parties without authorization, was defamatory or harassing, or otherwise violated the rights of any third party.

For these ToS and for all legal relations between the Vendor and eazyplan.com applies the Slovenian law. The resolution of the disputes between the parties is subject exclusively to the courts of the capital of Slovenia, Ljubljana.

Disputes between you and eazyplan.com regarding the use of the website and our services should be reported to legal@eazyplan.com. We will attempt to resolve any disputes you have with us.

These ToS provide that all disputes between you and eazyplan.com will be resolved by binding arbitration. You thus give up your right to go to Court to assert or defend your rights. You also give up your right to participate in or bring class action lawsuits. Your rights will be determined by neutral arbitrators and not a judge or jury. By using eazyplan.com services or the website, you consent to these restrictions.

Should a dispute arise and should the arbitration provisions herein become inapplicable or unenforceable, or in any instance of any lawsuit between you and eazyplan.com, the parties agree that jurisdiction over and venue of any suit shall be exclusively in the state courts sitting in Ljubljana, Slovenia. If either party employs attorneys to enforce any right in connection with any dispute or lawsuit, the prevailing party shall be entitled to recover reasonable attorneys’ fees.

Article 11. Links to other websites

eazyplan.com website contains links to other websites. The websites with these links are not under the control of eazyplan.com and eazyplan.com is not responsible for the content of the pages with these links. eazyplan.com provides these links exceptionally for convenience of Vendors.

eazyplan.com reserves the right to delete personal page (account) from the eazyplan.com website and exclude the Vendor from the use of the site. This includes the contributions which:

  1. are patently offensive to the Online community, such as content that promotes racism, intolerance, defamatory or physical harm of any kind against any group or individual;
  2. harass a person or instigate to harassment;
  3. present unsolicited promotions, such as transmission of “junk mail”, “chain letters”, political campaigns and other materials which are considered as mass mailings or “spamming”;
  4. are libelous or defamatory;
  5. include information, of which you know that it is false or misleading or indicating illegal activities or behavior or that are obscene, threatening or abusive;
  6. contain instructions about illegal activities, such as manufacture or purchase of illegal weapons or the violation of personal rights of third parties or the dispatch or production of computer viruses.

Article 12. Personal page / Vendor’s Account

As a Vendor, you may create an account and provide certain information about yourself to use some of the features that are offered by eazyplan.com. You are responsible for maintaining the confidentiality of the password of your account.

In addition, you are responsible for all actions that are performed in connection with your account.

You agree to notify us immediately of any unauthorized use of your account. We reserve the right to close your account at any time with or without notice.

Article 13. Privacy Policy

eazyplan.com maintains the necessary technical precautions to ensure safe transmission and storage of data and to prevent loss, misuse, alteration, unauthorized access and theft of the data provided by the Vendor on the website.

eazyplan.com uses personal data of Vendors solely in order to offer the customers full services tailored to their needs. By providing an e-mail address and other personal data, Vendors express consent to eazyplan.com that this information can be used for the delivery of services.

This policy covers how we use your personal information. We take your privacy seriously and will take all measures to protect your personal information. Any personal information received will only be used to fulfil your order and may be used for internal analytical purposes. We will not sell or redistribute your information to anyone.

The cashless purchase of additional options offered by eazyplan.com (for example, purchase of special packages) may lead to the transmission of Vendors’s personal data to third parties (e.g. to Stripe or PayPal) and may be (dependent from the selected method of payment) stored by these systems. This information may include the amount and the type of transaction, as well as the e-mail address or phone number of the Vendor. In this case eazyplan.com is not liable for the Vendor’s privacy, the selected payment system is responsible for data protection and privacy during the payment process.

eazyplan.com is owned and operated by Eventero d o.o. registered at 13, Stihova ulica, SI-1000, Ljubljana, Slovenia.

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