Timeline of event

Timeline of event is helpful? for people planning an event and for the teams, partners and vendors involved in the event project. In a timeline of event, the focus is put on the deadlines and on the timeframes of each task, which needs to be done in time.

The event timeline template will help the planners to manage resources ? teams, budgets, etc. The useful thing about a well-structured timeline is the chance to have every detail of the event planning under control. In case you have accomplished a task sooner as you planned, you can see how much time you have left for other important tasks.

Having your event timeline template, you can easily edit it according to your event requirements and share the document with other team members afterwards. In every event planning process, some planning stages require setting priorities and allocate certain amounts of resources. The event planning can be stressful, and you need to use an event timeline template not to feel overwhelmed.

For events, such as birthday parties for a small number of guests or a small corporate gathering, you can create your event planning timeline six or event five months ahead. However, if you are planning an international conference, a festival, or a 100+ wedding, experts recommend you creating an event planning timeline a year or more before the event. This relates to the fact that you need to book venues, accommodation, transportation, vendors and entertainment acts.

Planning your event, make sure you have enough resources. The most important resource is your team: do you have enough people for the planning and implementation of your project? Does everybody know their roles and responsibilities? While creating a list of tasks, make sure you have the right competent people to delegate these tasks to. Also, make sure these people have a clear understanding of what, where, when and until what time needs to be done within your timeline of event.

timeline of event

Let?s have a quick look at the key issues of an timeline of event.

  1. Goals setting. What are the goals of the event? Create a list of the main goals and split them into the tasks which will need to be accomplished. Who is this event for? Do you have a clear understanding of what your event will look like? How many people will attend the event? How many people will work on the planning and implementation of the project?
  2. Event budget. In order not to spend more than you have, make sure you know your event budget. Think about the contributions ? do you plan to use sponsorship? As soon as you have your final amount of budget, you can create a timeline and see, where you can save costs and where you can allocate more resources than planned (for example, in the case of unexpected cases and last-minute emergencies).
  3. Date and location. Decide on the final date(s) of your event and choose a perfect location. Check the availability for the requested date with your venue, think carefully whether it can host the requested number of the attendees, whether it has all the resources needed (for example, parking spaces, catering options, accommodation, rental, supplies, technical equipment, etc.). In case the venue doesn?t have the resources you need, create a list of vendors and add the list to your event planning timeline.
  4. Vendors. Again, maybe you will need to hire third parties for the catering at your event, sound and stage professionals, transportation companies, etc. If you plan a festival or a wedding, you will certainly need entertainment acts for your event. Now, there is a huge choice of entertainment options, which vary from close up magic acts to breathtaking aerial acrobatic performances. Also, think carefully about the decorations ? do you need floral decoration, flower centrepieces for the tables? Hire a floral designer and start discussing the design.
  5. Catering is one of the most critical aspects of every event as well. Depending on the event, decide what kind of appetisers, lunches or dinners you would like to have. Don?t forget about the beverages ? non-alcoholic and alcoholic drinks. Add all the coffee breaks, refreshments and lunches to your timeline of event. Start planning the design of stationery, if you are planning to send out paper invitations, order place cards, have paper signage or send thank you cards after the event.
  6. Promotion and marketing. Create a clear strategy how you will tell the world about your event. Always think about your marketing channels: on what types of media are you planning to post information on your event? Are you going to create a page on a website, pages on social media? Think about the target audience, contact them and provide details on the event.
  7. Details. Think about every detail, from safety and security, transfers for the guest speakers to various emergency plans and cleaning up after the event. Be realistic with your time.


Event timeline template

Make sure, your team knows their roles, responsibility, the arrival times and time for the setup. Split your event timeline template into stages, such as preparation, event day and after the event stage.

event timeline template

The after the event stage usually includes meetings with the team and evaluation of the event planning and implementation. At this stage, you can analyse your costs within the planned budget and see how to better succeed at next event (if needed). Collect all the useful information, material, data and contact details ? you may need it while planning your future events.

eazyplan introduces tools, templates and checklists for every aspect of your event planning. You can download the timeline event and use it to plan all your activities, accomplish tasks without forgetting any important detail.

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