Wedding band contract template

Wedding band contract template is useful while planning the music entertainment for the event. The wedding planning process requires signing dozens of contracts. Usually, all the vendors provide their own contract which needs to be signed with the client.

No matter what kind and type of entertainment you are planning for your event, there are various documents which will make your planning process easier ? wedding band contract template, wedding DJ contract template, wedding musician contract template, etc.

wedding band contract template


Eazyplan introduces the main parts of the typical wedding music contract template. There are general parts of contracts with vendors. However, the musicians have their own specific contract terms.

A wedding band contract template, as well as any other wedding music contract template, usually consists of various sections. As an event professional, be sure you have added them to your contract before signing it with the client.

  1. Event type
  2. Event date(s) ? sometimes there are time periods of the event. Here you can include not only the date of the event but also the arrival time for the dj music contract template
  3. Event location(s) ? there are cases when an event takes place in different locations (for example, there are different locations of the ceremony and reception).
  4. Name and contact information of the clients.
  5. Name(s) and contact information of the performers. The client always wants to know exactly, who will be playing at the wedding, so please provide the name(s) and the number of the musicians in the contract. Sometimes, the list of instruments is also included in the contract.
  6. Time for the setup, preparation and number of breaks (here the client will decide what to do during the time of breaks).
  7. Rehearsal date and time (if needed). At big-size events, the artists often prefer to have the rehearsal and the sound check the day before.
  8. Payment conditions: refundable and non-refundable deposits, methods of payment: cash, credit cards, Paypal, etc.
  9. Final payment amount and conditions: payment due date(s), intermediate payments, etc.
  10. Overtime charges: do you have several performances on the day of the event? Sometimes the musicians need to stay longer at one wedding but are not able to remain as they have other bookings this day. Usually, the client needs to pay with cash for the overtime hours for musicians’ performances.
  11. Backup locations: ask your client, if there is a backup location or a shelter in case it rains on the wedding day. Most musicians are not able to play outside when it rains ? the rain can damage their musical instruments. Don?t forget to add the to the wedding band contract template.
  12. Stage conditions: discuss with the client all the details of the surface where you or your musicians will perform: usually the performers require a flat surface without direct sunlight.
  13. Cancellation and refund policy. If the client decides to cancel the performance, the amount of refunds which he or she will pay the musicians, depending on how close you are to the wedding date. Usually, in cases of last-minute emergencies, the musicians find substitutes and provide other performers who will play at the wedding on similar conditions.
  14. The client will provide you with the playlist with the songs for certain parts of a wedding: for example, for a ceremony, for the reception, for the toasts (as background music), for the first dance, for the cake cutting, etc. Also, most couples provide a list of those songs which they do not want to hear at their wedding. It is recommended to agree on the whole list of songs which the musicians or the band will perform at the wedding. Please note that the client may ask you to perform a sophisticated repertoire, so make sure you have enough time to prepare for these performances.
  15. Hospitality riders. The musicians usually provide their working conditions in writing. A hospitality rider includes the time for the arrival and setup, royalty fees, the fees for transportation (mileage, flights expenses, costs for the extra luggage, etc.), costs for technical assistants who are travelling with the musicians and specifies the meals for musicians.
  16. Clarify all the supplies, such as chairs, additional equipment or amplifiers, which you or your musicians would need for the performance.
  17. Sometimes the client has special requests concerning the musicians’ attire and provides guidelines, what they should wear at the wedding. So ask your client, where he or she has special requirements for this aspect.
  18. Signature boxes for both parties.


Wedding DJ contract template

Wedding dj contract template serves as a useful tool in the interaction between the DJ and the client. A DJ is an artist who is responsible for the music at various events, including private parties, bridal showers, weddings, concerts, parties, etc. Some popular DJs are booked a year in advance and come from different parts of the world to play at the wedding.

The type of the music a DJ plays often depends on the DJ’s specific music styles or the audience of the event. A DJ usually plays several sets of selected songs or music tracks, and the process and the sequence of these sets are usually discussed with the client. For example, they discuss the main music tracks for the dancing and choose the right tracks for the music playing in the background.

An important function of a DJ is to see, how the guests perceive the music ? are they dancing and having fun? Or there is a need to play something different to make the most guests dance.

A wedding DJ contract template is similar to the general wedding music contract template. However, a DJ would add additional points concerning the timing: add time for the setup (DJs always have lots of complex technical equipment) and time for the breaks, as DJs need to spend most of their performing time onstage in front of the audience creating continuous music flows.

DJs say, it is always hard to play music which will meet the expectations of the audience of different ages. So make sure you discuss the number and the age groups of the wedding guests with the client to make everybody enjoy your music entertainment at the event. Discuss all these elements to the wedding dj contract template to avoid any misunderstandings at the event.


Wedding musician contract template

Wedding musician contract template is used by the people who plan music entertainment at their events. All musicians prefer signing a contract with the client to know the timelines of their performances and the logistics of the ceremony and reception venues.

From the beginning of the wedding planning process, the couples know exactly, what kind and type of music entertainment they would like to have for their wedding. The music entertainment may vary from cover bands to string quartets; from saxophonists, classic piano musicians to singers or even choirs.

eazyplan provides a wedding band contract template to simplify the process of booking performers to the weddings.

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