Wedding cake contract template

Wedding cake contract template is used during the planning and deciding on the size and design of a perfect cake for any type of event.

Being an event professional and providing cakes for various events, you cannot rely just on the verbal agreement with the client; you need to sign a contract based on the wedding cake contract template.

Both parties ? the wedding professional and the client benefit from signing a contract to protect themselves from risks, cancellations and misunderstandings ? this is the time when the wedding cake contract template is of great importance.

The critical reasons for signing this contract for an event professional are the following:

  1. Protect yourself from last-minute cancellations ? value your time and your efforts to fulfil the obligations of the client?s order. As soon as you sign the contract with the client, the wedding professional usually receives a non-refundable deposit.
  2. Act professionally ? add all the details about the order to the contract to avoid complaints and litigation. The wedding cake contract includes details such as payment conditions, liabilities of the cake company and describes client?s expectations providing all the smallest details of the cake for a wedding.
  3. Avoid double booking ? concentrate on the orders which are confirmed. In case you still have not signed the contract with the client, you can switch to the pending contracts. This will help to improve your business planning and take further orders for certain dates.

Before using the sample wedding cake contract template and signing a cake contract with the client for the upcoming wedding, think about and add the important points to the document.? The wedding cake contract template usually consists of several parts and usually includes the following information:

  1. The names and contact information of parties involved. Confirm the information on the name and contacts of the client (address, phone number and email), as well as the baker?s company name and contact information (address, phone number and email) are included in the cake contract.
  2. Event details. Include the information on the event date, event type, number of guests, time and location(s) for delivery and a telephone number of a contact person.
  3. Cake design. The wedding cake contract contains the description of the cake including details, such as size of the cake, shape of the cake, cake flavour, fillings, number of servings, number of tiers, tier(s) shape(s), type of icing, decorations, fondant, extra details, accessories and topper(s), fresh flower design, etc. Usually, the client has not only a clear vision of how the wedding cake should look but also has a picture from the Internet or a magazine to make the cake idea description cake contract template
  4. Pricing. This section includes information on the total cost of the cake (or the price per slice), delivery and setup fees (how and when the cake will be delivered), cake-cutting fees (if needed), refundable and non-refundable payments to be made and due dates (amount of deposit(s) and due date(s), remaining balance and due date(s), fees for the rentals.sample wedding cake contract template
  5. Methods of payments. Indicate what payment methods you accept: credit card, PayPal, cash, check, money order, etc.
  6. Related items. In this section, indicate whether the take-home boxes for the leftover cake are required, whether the client needs a top-tier preservation or whether there is a need for any rentals provided by the wedding cake company ? for example, cake stands, props, china, etc.
  7. General terms and conditions. Provide information on what happens in case of date changes, design changes, as well as general information on minimum order amount, cancellation fees and chargebacks.
  8. a) One of the important sections of the wedding cake contract is the liability. The cake companies prefer including information that they are not liable for any damages to the cake which are not caused by their company. Also, they are not liable for allergic reactions and other guest injuries or harm caused by eating plastic decoration elements of the wedding cake.
  9. b) Intellectual property. Inform your clients that you cannot do replications if the designs are copyrighted. Also, the questions and permission to use the pictures of their wedding cake in your portfolio are to be discussed with the client. Don?t forget to add these items to your wedding cake contract template.
  10. c) Cancellation and refund policy. Event professionals recommend taking a 25-50% non-refundable deposit to protect yourself from cancellations, postponements and other unexpected emergencies.
  11. Signatures of both parties. If your client has signed the contract, he or she agrees to the terms and conditions of the cake company.

To simplify the process of cooperation with the cake company while planning an event, eazyplan introduces a sample wedding cake contract template which you can download here.

Wedding cake contract template download

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