Wedding checklist

Wedding checklist is important when you think about your perfect wedding, lots of brides always create multiple of notes and to-do lists. Creation of a wedding planning checklist is a wonderful opportunity to split the tasks into several months and see how you move forward with your plans and ideas. The most important part of a wedding checklist is the fact that you will need to add various details to your list and change the timeline before your wedding.

The wedding planning checklist always includes meetings and negotiations with various vendors, locations and venues. A wedding planner checklist will make your preparation processes easier. There are lots of templates of wedding planning checklist which you need to follow and customise the tasks according to your needs and requirements. Everybody wants to enjoy the planning process avoiding stress and chaos before the big day.


Wedding planning checklist

Wedding planning checklist is usually recommended by wedding professionals. Wedding experts recommend making your wedding checklist as detailed as possible. In this case, you can monitor the tasks accomplished and see how much time is left for other things to do. Some couples prefer hiring a professional wedding planner who will do this job for them, some, however, prefer planning and organising all the important things on their own by creating a wedding planner checklist.

wedding checklist

Here is the list of the wedding planner checklist and steps to undertake before your big day:

  1. Decide on having a professional wedding consultant and planner for your event.
  2. Decide on the number of guests.
  3. Decide on the type and style of your wedding: classic, luxury, boho, rustic, shabby chic, etc.
  4. Decide on the wedding theme and your wedding?s main colours.
  5. Set your wedding budget, including the contributions of your families and your own.
  6. Set your final wedding date and time.
  7. Decide on the location for your ceremony and reception. Will they take place at the same location or you will need to think about and book separate venues? Will it take place in your area or you would like to have a destination wedding? Choose the perfect venues, confirm your booking and keep in contact with the venue managers.
  8. Think about your guest list. Discuss it with your partner, with your family and friends.
  9. Choose your officiant. Having a multicultural wedding, ask the officiant if it is possible to have the ceremony in different languages.
  10. Think about the bridal dress and attire for the groom.
  11. Create RSVPs, think on the design of the paper invitations (if needed) and start collecting addresses to send them out according to your guest list. Finalize your guest list and order invitations. Think about the gifts and favours for your guests.
  12. Choose your floral design. Go into every detail concerning the main bridal bouquet, wedding reception centrepieces, boutonnieres for the groom and the groomsmen, decoration of the wedding ceremony arch.
  13. Decide on the decorations. The wedding experts say you should pay attention to every smallest wedding d?cor detail to create a perfect picture of the overall wedding design. Does your wedding venue offer tableware, silverware and chair covers according to your decoration ideas? If not, find a company, which will provide rentals and supplies for your wedding. Add all the options and contact details to your wedding checklist.
  14. Create various menus. Analyse your RSVPs and consider specific meal preferences of your guests (kosher, vegetarian, various dietary restrictions, specific menus for the kids).
  15. Hire a catering company based on the information of the meals preferences of your guests. Would you like to have the catering services of your reception venue? Or you would rather prefer hiring an independent local catering company?
  16. Think about the music and entertainment at your wedding. Think about every minute of this day ? starting from the ceremony (which may include music of a romantic string quartet or a pianist), to the dancing during the reception (this can be a live cover band playing your favourite songs or a DJ). Create your playlist to make all your guests dance until the end of your wedding day.
  17. Based on your personal preferences, decide on the photographer and videographer. Make sure they will capture the most touching and unforgettable moments of your wedding day.
  18. Do you already know what you and your partner will wear to your wedding? Order your wedding dress and the tuxedo for the groom. Do not postpone the fitting appointments, make sure you have your perfect wedding dress which matches the groom?s outfit. Discuss the outfits for your wedding party: do you already know, what dresses your bridesmaids will wear? Make sure everything matches the main wedding theme and colours. Don?t forget to add all these tasks to your wedding checklist.
  19. Make arrangements for your honeymoon ? book the flights, the accommodation and start packing. If you leave for your honeymoon immediately after the wedding, it will help you to pack stress-free.
  20. Discuss with your partner, family and friends your wedding cake ideas. Decide on the number of tiers, on the colours and the filling. Of course, you can find inspiration online or ask your just-married friends about the most delicious and beautiful cakes of your area.
  21. Organize your transportation. Think about the transportation for you, your families and friends from your homes to the ceremony location, from the ceremony location to the reception venue (in case these two locations are different), organise transportation and airport transfers for your out of town guests. Wedding checklist pdf will help you to check the tasks which you have accomplished and what tasks you need to do the next planning checklist pdf
  22. Make sure you have your wedding rings.
  23. Decide on the gifts and favours for your guests, think about the design of the thank you cards, which you will need to send out after the wedding.
  24. Think about the seating chart of your reception venue. Discuss all the necessary details with the venue managers.
  25. Write wedding vows and organise your wedding license.
  26. Make appointments with your beauty professionals: manicure, pedicure, nail design, hair trials, make some other beauty treatments you need. Make sure you have added your treatments in advance to your wedding planning checklist pdf.
  27. Have your rehearsal dinner.

As soon as you say ?yes? and start thinking about your wedding, you will surely wish to make your planning processes as stress-free as possible. One of the solutions is having a complete wedding checklist pdf, which will help you to monitor all to-do plans and timelines for your big day.

Thankfully, eazyplan introduces a wedding planning checklist pdf you can download it here and enjoy your wedding planning processes!

Wedding checklist download

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