Wedding coordinator checklist

A wedding coordinator checklist is a document which makes the running of the wedding day stress-free and helps to keep all the wedding tasks under control. To simplify the work of the wedding coordinator, a wedding coordinators checklist is useful and helpful. It will also help to avoid last-minute emergencies and risks associated with the wedding planning.

A wedding coordinator?s job usually consists of responsibilities of several areas. There are wedding coordinators who are the wedding planners and who are involved in all stages of wedding planning process.

wedding coordinator checklist

The full wedding planning services include pre-wedding tasks, wedding day duties and post-wedding responsibilities. Here, the main idea and tasks of a wedding coordinator are to organize the whole planning process from the idea to its completion.

Experienced wedding professionals use wedding coordinators checklist to see what tasks need to be done at certain stages of planning. So, the wedding coordinator checklists can be divided into different sections. Let?s focus on the planning stages which are usually included in the wedding coordinator contract:

Consultation is the first stage when the coordinator starts working with the client discussing all the details of the upcoming wedding. During the first consultations, the coordinator advises the couple on the budget allocation, gives ideas of the wedding setting and design, wedding theme, colours, stationery, music, etc.

At this stage, the style, the main idea and the wedding d?cor are discussed. The parties also agree on the coordinator?s fee at this stage of planning.

At the planning stage, the coordinator has a huge amount of work to do: he or she creates timelines, checklists, and general plans how to make a perfect event within the set budget limits.

Wedding coordinator checklist usually includes interactions with photographers, videographers, florists, transportation providers, caterers, musicians and entertainers, MUAH artists and venues. The wedding coordinators can negotiate the best prices for the client to fit the budget limits. Wedding coordinators, who have huge experience of in wedding planning, can find best vendors for the wedding according to the clients? expectation and needs.

The wedding coordinator proposes different vendors to the client, introduces vendors? portfolios and helps the couple to make the right decision in choosing the right people for the upcoming event.

Sometimes, there may be cases of raising the budget for certain the higher-priced vendors, so there might be discussions and the suggestions, where to cut the costs to stay within the budget limits.

The wedding coordinator checklist also includes the idea of being connected with all the vendors involved in the event during the whole planning process. They discuss timelines, delivery schedules, exchange new ideas, introduce their ideas to the couple, take into consideration all the unexpected things, which may happen on a big day.

A wedding coordinator plays a significant role on the wedding day. He or she supervises all the deliveries and monitors the work of vendors keeping everything under control and making sure everything is done at the right time and the right place.

Having a wedding coordinator checklist for management and monitoring of all the tasks, coordinator also makes sure the vendors have arrived in time and that the setup and preparation are running smoothly without delays.

Day of wedding coordinator checklist

On the big day, a wedding coordinator is usually there from the beginning until the end of the event. The coordinator stays at the event until the married couple leaves the party and the wedding guests are gone.

Even here the job of a wedding coordinator does not end: he or she makes sure the cleaning up is done, the rentals are returned, the fees are paid to the vendors, and the wedding gifts are safely delivered to the couple.
day of wedding coordinator checklist

A day of wedding coordinator checklist will help to check if all the tasks are completed and if all the people involved in the wedding are doing their work on time.

The wedding coordinator?s goal is to make the couple forget about the things which need to be done so that they could relax and enjoy their stress-free day. Experienced wedding coordinators my offer certain packages of services or to recommend single wedding services according to the type, style, size and theme of the wedding.

Besides communication between the couple and the vendors, the day of wedding coordinator checklist help to decide on decorations for the wedding and help to find exactly of you want for your event.

Some wedding coordinators, however, are hired for the day of the wedding: they control the organizational things, check the vendors? work and make sure is done in time.

In any case, a wedding coordinator stays with the couple throughout the wedding day and night. He or she helps to avoid misunderstandings, controls the event processes and immediately provides a backup plan in case of last-minute emergencies.

To make the wedding coordinator?s planning process easier, eazyplan introduces the day of wedding coordinator checklist.

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