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Wedding coordinator contract template is an important document for both parties ? the wedding coordinator and the client. Wedding coordinator contract template outlines the role of the coordinator, his or her responsibilities and tasks at different stages of wedding planning. These stages usually include the preparation stage, rehearsal, the wedding day, and sometimes certain activities after the event. For example, these activities may include the return of rental items and d?cor elements.

The scope of services which are included in the wedding coordinator contract template are visits to the wedding ceremony and reception venues, the creation of multiple documents and diagrams, such as wedding day schedules and timelines, coordination of interactions between the wedding coordinator and the vendors.

The services also include email communication, telephone calls and personal meetings with vendors, which usually happen 1-2 weeks before the event, as well as the preparation of timelines and programs for the rehearsal; clarification of the details for the wedding ceremony and reception schedules; accomplishment of tasks included in the wedding coordinator checklist. The work of the coordinator on the wedding day usually takes around 12 hours.

Day of wedding coordinator contract template

Day of wedding coordinator contract template includes responsibilities of the wedding coordinator on the wedding day. The wedding coordinator manages the work of vendors, monitors their setup, manages the d?cor setup at the ceremony and reception venue; manages the order of events at the wedding ceremony, etc. In other words, the wedding coordinator makes sure that all the necessary items are onsite; he or she coordinates the work of the musicians if needed.

For the wedding reception, the wedding coordinator plays a significant role. The day of wedding coordinator contract template includes responsibilities, such as management and coordination of the entertainers; supervision of the setup of candy-bars, tables for gifts and favours for the guests; management of the cocktail hour for the guests after the wedding ceremony. The day of wedding coordinator contract template also sometimes includes the supervision of the payment of tips for the vendors.

At the preparation stage of the wedding planning, the wedding coordinator contract template free includes consultations with the client and explanation of the details of the coordination process on the wedding day.

Sometimes the coordinator advises on the amounts of tips for the vendors and provides recommendations, how to stay within the budget limits. Also, the coordinator may monitor if all the payments to vendors are finalised.

The wedding coordinator contract template free is a well-structured document, which contains different sections. These sections usually include the following:

  1. Agreement: includes the name(s) and contact information of the wedding coordinator and the client, as well as the information on the event type, event date, time and the event venue (including the ceremony and reception sites).
  2. Scope of services: detailed description of all the services provided by the wedding coordinator;
  3. Payment agreements (including terms of payments and pricing): includes a schedule of payment terms, pricing structure, dates and amounts for each payment methods of payment (credit card, PayPal, cash, check, money order, etc.)

Usually, the payment of the reservation fee guarantees the work of the wedding coordinator on the requested date. This means that the wedding coordinator will not make reservations with other clients for this date.

However, the client must remember, that the reservation fee is non-refundable, even if there are changes of the wedding date or if the wedding has been cancelled or postponed.

  1. Cancellation policy: conditions and refunds in case your client decides to cancel the event;
  2. Termination policy;
  3. Indemnification clause, which will help you to protect yourself from injury lawsuits and reparations;
  4. Force Majeure (things which may happen without being under your control ? constructions, unexpected weather conditions, flood, etc.).
  5. According to the number of tasks and responsibilities of the wedding coordinator for the wedding date, the coordinator may hire additional staff (assistants) to work at the event. The fees for the assistants? work is often already included in the total amount of the wedding coordinator?s work.
  6. Copyright of the pictures taken at the event. Here you need to indicate who owns the copyright for the pictures and in what cases and under what conditions the coordinator can use these pictures for personal advertising (for example, if the coordinator is allowed to use pictures and the name of the client).

Using a wedding coordinator contract template free, the coordinators aim to protect themselves from any risks, damages, fees, which can occur during the process of wedding coordination. eazyplan introduces a free wedding coordinator contract template, which you can download here.

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