Wedding day checklist

Wedding day checklist is a document which will help you to stay organized on your wedding day and have all the tasks under control. There are lots of checklists and various useful spreadsheets which will help you to plan your wedding 6-12 months ahead. However, you should have your wedding day checklist to make sure you have everything under control.

The day of wedding checklist will avoid stress and headache thinking about the tasks which you have probably forgotten to organise.

wedding day checklist

Everything is already done ? the vendors know when to arrive and what to, you have people responsible for the meeting of vendors, setup and other arrangements. However, there are some important things to organise for your wedding day to make it run smoothly and without delays. A wedding day checklist will help you to see if everything has been accomplished and done in time.

First of all, create a list of all the important contacts. These can be the contacts of all your bridal party, vendors, staff responsible for certain tasks, emergency numbers, contacts of the hotels which will accommodate your guests, telephone numbers of the hospitals located nearby, taxi numbers, the cell number of the driver of your wedding car, etc. Print the list and share it with the bridesmaids and people who will help you with your wedding coordination. Make sure you have added this task to your wedding day checklist.

The vendors, which are usually involved into the wedding, are the following: wedding planner and coordinator (if needed), caterer, cake company, officiant, florist, decorator, venue, photographer, videographer, DJ, live band, musicians and entertainers, sound and light professionals, bartenders, wedding car drivers, valet staff.

Did you make all the payments with your vendors? Do you act according to the conditions you have discussed with your vendors previously? Make sure you have enough cash for tips and gratuity or, in some cases, for the overtime payments. Having your final payments with your vendors, sign documents which confirm their receipt of amount.? Again, this is also a task which needs to be added to your day of wedding checklist.

day of wedding checklist

If you a staying with your married partner overnight in a hotel, make sure you have packed and dropped off your luggage the day before the wedding. Also, if you are planning to leave for a honeymoon after the wedding, make sure you have packed in advance. Make sure your travelling documents, passports, insurances, visas are in order.

Make sure you also have a list of all the essential things the bride and groom would probably need on their wedding day. Share this list with the bridesmaids and make sure you have every item to avoid panic in case of emergency (for example, headache pill, hairspray, lip gloss, lipstick, etc.)

Check your playlist with the DJ the day before the wedding. On your wedding day, as soon as your photographer arrives to capture your getting ready, make sure the photographer has a list of all your preferences and requirements (a shot list). Also, create a photography timeline of who, when and when should be captured on your wedding day. This task should also be added to your checklist for wedding day.

Make sure all your printed materials, such as place cards, table numbers, ceremony programs, menus and paper signage are properly placed and do not include any mistakes. Also, make sure the gifts and favours for your guests are at the reception location, well-prepared and designed. You can also organise some additional favours for your out of town guests ? they will find your gifts as soon as they enter their hotel rooms.

To make the seating of your guests during the reception run smoothly, have your seating plan in a printed version and share it with your bridesmaids.

Make sure the maid of honour has some water to hydrate your wedding bouquet ? some flowers may need lots of water to look fresh until the end of the wedding day.

Check, if the transportation for your wedding party and the guests is organised.

Designate a person (usually it is the maid of honour) who will help you to see if everything at your location(s) is in order. Ask her to take care of your gifts and to bring them safely to your home or a hotel room. Discuss these details with a person in charge, go through your wedding day check list and add tasks, if needed. If you have your important legal documents with you, make sure they don?t get lost ? ask this person to take care of them as well.

Does your checklist for wedding day include issues which are not under your control? For example, you should be prepared for the rain. Make sure there is a tent in case of rain, and you have enough umbrellas and raincoats for your guests.

To avoid overtime fees or loud music which is not allowed after a certain time of the day, double-check the curfew time with your venue.

Make sure all your wedding accessories are there (if you are staying in the hotel room the night before the wedding). The day before, make sure you feel comfortable in your shoes, your wedding dress fits perfectly, and everything is well prepared for tomorrow.

Have your beauty treatments, SPA, yoga and other activities to relax before a wedding day. Think about those treatments which will help you to relax in the best way. Add them all to your wedding day check list.

Experts also strongly recommend getting enough sleep.

Think about your toast and thank you words to your family. These are usually the people who have experienced the whole wedding planning process with you and have helped you a lot. Think about some touching and thankful words and show your gratitude and love.

Make sure you have enough to eat for your wedding day, don?t go hungry. Your wedding day requires much concentration and issues to think about ? plan some breaks and order some snacks to feel fit until the end of your big day.

The wedding day check list will help you to think about all the important arrangements on your big day. Don?t forget to mark and add any ideas and the smallest details of your planning to your wedding day checklist.

The online event planner eazyplan introduces an example of a day of wedding checklist to help you not to forget about anything.

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