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Wedding Florist Contract

Wedding floral contract helps to control the arrangements of the floral design between the florist and the client. It includes pricing information, terms, and conditions of the collaboration between the florist and the client. The important part of the wedding floral contract (sometimes, in the context exceeding flower arrangements it can also be called event decorator contract) is a detailed description of all the flower arrangements and supplies based on clients’ preferences.

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Wedding flower contract

The wedding flower contract is based on the assumption that the budget for the flowers amounts to 10 percent of the total wedding budget. For their weddings, clients often strive to hire a florist who will create beautiful flower arrangements and come up with the overall design of the ceremony and reception alongside. Professional florists often advise their clients on the color palette according to the wedding theme. They also consult on the selection of flower varieties that will fit the overall wedding concept best and advise on the design of the other elements like linens, tableware, etc.

It is essential for florists to generate new leads and find new clients not only directly but also via a good network of other event professionals. For example, wedding planners can naturally recommend a florist to their clients. It allows them to save time allocated to the search of florists, and to be sure of the professionalism of the florist thanks to the pre-vetting process.

A signed wedding florist contract protects florist from risks. The clients tend to not sign contracts right away. They often take their time making additions and adjustments during the planning process. From adding fresh flowers to the cake to thinking about alternatives of arrangements to the reception. You will find this and other kinds of usual situations covered in the wedding floral contract template.

The typical wedding florist contract includes:

  1. Name and contact information of the client.
  2. Name and contact information of the florist (as an individual or as a florist company).
  3. Name of florists and their assistants who will work onsite, including their contact information.
    Remember to indicate the working hours for the florists. does the client need a florist to stay until the end of the ceremony to check the flower arrangements or rearrange them, or to help with transportation? Consider including the names and contact information of substitutes, in case you won’t be able to work at the event due to last-minute emergencies.
  4. Event type.
wedding floral contract template
  1. Date and time(s) of the ceremony and reception.
  2. Location(s) of the ceremony and reception.
  3. List of all the flower arrangements, from the bridal bouquet to centerpieces, boutonnieres, and wedding arc arrangements. This list typically includes the names of the flowers, amounts, varieties, prices, and colors, as well as the alternatives (substitutes) if some flower varieties you agreed on are not available. Here the client can also add all the unacceptable alternatives (substitutions) if needed.
wedding flower contract template
  1. List of supplies provided by the florist like centerpiece vases, candles, linens, or other accessories.
  2. Delivery date and time.
  3. Place(s) of delivery. Sometimes the brides prefer the flower arrangements be delivered to their homes and not to the ceremony location.
  4. Arrival time(s) for the setup at the ceremony and reception, the addresses of both locations, if needed.
  5. Responsibilities. Who will be responsible for any flowers and supplies damages which are not caused by the florist? Add these details to the wedding florist contract.
  6. Cancellation and refund policies.
  7. Total amount due.
  8. Taxes, extra fees for delivery, and setup.
  9. Payment schedule: Deposit amount and due date.
  10. Payment schedule: Balance amount and due date.
  11. Methods of payment: cash, credit card, Paypal, or other methods.
  12. Date and signatures of both sides.

The collaboration between the florist and the client usually starts with an initial consultation, where the clients talk about their ideas and overall vision of the wedding based on their budget, favorite flower varieties, and colors. The clients often select pictures from the Internet which they show to the florist to give a better idea. Also, from the beginning of wedding planning, the clients (much likely the brides) create their inspiration boards, always looking for new ideas and arrangements. To create an overall concept of flower décor and arrangements, the florists often ask the brides to show pictures of the ceremony and reception venues, of the wedding dress, of the bridesmaids’ dresses.

The important thing is that the client usually has a variety of florists and spends hours for the consultation with different professionals to choose the best one at the end. The florists show the sketches and the models of the wedding design. They discuss with the client their payment conditions, which may vary from fixed prices for a certain project to the prices for the time a floral designer will spend to prepare the wedding arrangements.

As soon as the florist gets an agreement from the client and the client is satisfied with the proposal, a formal contract is signed by both parties, and the client pays the deposit. Usually, it happens five to six months before the wedding. The clients can always make changes in the wedding flowers contract if they think they need more flowers for the ceremony, would like to add some fresh flowers to the centerpieces or decide to change the colors of flowers. However, there is always a deadline as the wedding gets closer, after which no other changes can be made. So as an event professional, make sure you have discussed these issues with the client. The professional floral designers can also offer mock-ups of the centerpieces for clients’ review with extra charge.

The floral design is an important part of every wedding. As an event professional, make sure the client is completely satisfied with the services you offer. Put in place a wedding flowers contract to make sure that all the flower and décor arrangements correspond to the clients’ idea of their dream wedding and you are protected.

You can use the wedding floral contract template (sometimes known as the event decorator contract) offered by Eazyplan. Download it and fill in all the details.

Wedding floral contract template download

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