Wedding guest list

Wedding guest list is a wedding planning aspect which requires special attention. As the wedding industry is developing rapidly, you don?t need to create a handwritten wedding guest list, now you can use a wedding guest list excel or wedding guest list spreadsheet. Or, you can easily use digital online tools which will help you to create your wedding guest list automatically.

As soon as you start planning your wedding, you have certain ideas and the vision of how your wedding will look and who exactly you would invite. The couples often split the wedding guest list excel and create A, B and C lists, where A is the family and friends who will definitely attend, B ? friends and colleagues who you would like to invite, and C ? the guests who you will be happy to see if your budget allows.

As the wedding budget and the number of guests are correlated, the couples always have in mind a certain number of guests. The question is, who would you like to invite and see at your wedding? Make sure to discuss this question with your partner, family and friends. So there are three main groups to you will need to talk to about your wedding guest list.

  1. Your partner. Ask your partner to provide a name list of all the relatives and friends he or she would like to invite to the wedding.
  2. Your family. Maybe you do not even know about your aunt who lives in Italy and who should be at your wedding.
  3. Yours and your partner?s friends. You can create lists of your friends who you would like to see at your wedding ? please not forget about considering the plus ones for your friends who are single.
  4. Children. Also, do not forget about the kids who will attend your wedding. Think carefully about special menus and entertainment for the kids who do not want to be bored at your big day.

Also, think about who of your invitees are local and who will come from other countries to attend your wedding. Think about the accommodation and transportation for these guests.

Finally, you have a list with a rough number of guests in your wedding guest list template.

Sometimes there are cases when the couple has a list of four hundred of invitees and just does not who to cross off of the list.

Event professionals recommend thinking carefully and to consider the following details:

  1. do not feel obligated to invite relative who you haven?t heard of for years. This is your big event and not a family reunion, so you just cannot invite all your family tree to your celebration;
  2. working colleagues. You can create a special dinner for your colleagues who you work with, but it does not matter you have to invite everybody from your office to your wedding party;
  3. neighbours. There are people living next to you and who you always come to discuss your problems and who you want to see at your wedding. But again, it does not mean you need to invite all your neighbours to your big day just because you see each other every day;
  4. friends you have not heard about for years: on your wedding day, you will not have time to talk them and discuss what happened the last years anyway, so do not feel obligated to invite all your friends from your past to your wedding. The better idea is to choose another day when you meet for a reunion and tell each other, what?s new in your lives.
  5. if somebody invited you to a wedding a couple of years ago, do not feel obligated to invite him/her as well.
  6. kids at your wedding: some couple prefer having and adult-only and a kid-free wedding, some couples, on the opposite, start planning their wedding considering the kids? menus and entertainment. So make sure what kind of wedding you would like to have and add the names of the kids to your wedding guest list if needed;
  7. there might be guests who always getting kicked out of public places, people who just cannot behave. Here you have two choices: not to invite them to your wedding or two arrange security staff to protect your guests or to discuss their behaviour in advance to avoid unpleasant moments at the wedding.


Wedding guest list sheet

Wedding guest list spreadsheet (or the wedding guest list template) usually consists of multiple information sections.

While creating your wedding guest list, think about the information you will need to send the invitations to the confirmed invitees and to make all the guests feel comfortable at your event.

The information required for the guest list usually includes:

  1. First name and second name of the guest,
  2. Email address,
  3. Postal address,
  4. The number of the invitees. For example, Mr Smith has two kids of six and nine years old, and he adds them to the guest list,
  5. Dietary restrictions, food choices and requirements (perfect for your catering orders),
  6. Accommodation (for not local guests),
  7. Transportation (for example, requests to organize transfers from the airport or train station),
  8. Music preferences (ask your guests about the music which will keep them dancing all night long).

Creating a wedding guest list excel usually requires much time. You can use a wedding guest list template to make this process easier. As soon as the list is created, you need to send RSVPs and ask the guests to confirm their attendance. The most complicated task is to compose lists of the names and to collect addresses for the sending of the paper invitation.

Good news ? there is an online tool, which can do the hard work for you: eazyplan! Create your wedding, add the names of your guests, and the system will automatically find email addresses of your invitees. Now you can send them your RSVPs where the guests can confirm their attendance. The best thing here is that in case of confirmation the guests will add their postal addresses and you will have a finalized list for sending your wedding invitations per post.

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