Wedding hair contract template

Wedding hair contract template is a document which will help you to stay better organized in your professional event business field. We all know that the beauty of the bride on her wedding day requires much attention and professionalism of makeup and hair artists. Wedding hair stylist contract template will help you to better understand the expectations and requirements of the bride and her wedding party.

Hair, makeup and nails are the important part of the bride?s getting ready for the wedding day. Besides, it is not only the bride who needs makeup and hair for the big day, but sometimes the bridesmaids and guests benefit from these beauty services as well. That?s why the wedding hair contract template requires attention and special questions in the process of the wedding planning.

wedding hair contract template

Wedding hair contract template focuses on the various sections. Before preparing a contract, you should focus on specific issues described below.

  1. Questions to ask yourself. The question which you need to ask yourself when offering wedding hair and makeup services are the following: am I able to meet the expectations of the bride? Am I flexible to provide beauty services having enough skills and knowledge, as well as the right supplies in case the bride decides to have something new which we did not agree on at the last moment? Psychologically, it is important for the bride to be sure she will look beautiful ? so as event professional you will need to make everything possible to win her trust.
  2. Show your services: portfolio and a lookbook. First of all, while having your first meetings with the bride, make sure you have a portfolio which represents all the professional services your offer. Here the previous experience and your latest wedding works are of great importance. Create a lookbook with examples of what your team and you have successfully done on weddings and events. Don?t be shy to provide advises if you think you can help the bride to make the right beauty decision.
  3. The number of people using the services. Also, don?t hesitate to ask the bride about how many people will need makeup and hair services on the big day. Ask her to provide the details about what needs to be done to create schedules and timelines for the big day. Here you will find out, how much time you will need for the preparations, how many assistants you will need to involve, and how much time you will need to reserve for the unexpected emergencies.

Usually, having more than seven people for makeup and hair styling requires an additional assistant who is ready to help on the wedding day. So calculate carefully, how much resources will be needed to fulfil client?s requirements, and indicate them all in the wedding hair contract template.

  1. Tips and advice. A professional makeup, hair and nails artists always have a kind of a checklist for the bride. Such checklists include tips and advises, as well as the beauty emergency kits which a bride or the bridesmaids always need to have on the big hair stylist contract template

Before preparing a wedding hair stylist contract template, speak with the bride about your arriving time and help her to schedule the preparation process. You will help her a lot because, at each wedding, it is extremely important for the bride to be on time and properly prepared.

  1. Specific preparation conditions. In case the bride needs hair styling services for some of her relatives or friends as well, advise her to inform all the people who require beauty services at the wedding day that their hair must be already blown dry. Otherwise, the hair stylists will not have enough time for this. Or, you can add additional time for styling and take extra charges for this. Anyway, just be sure you have discussed all these timing issues with the client.
  2. Working conditions. Also, be sure you have sufficient space for your work, and add this detail to the wedding hair and makeup contract template. The most makeup and hair artists prefer working in a no-walk traffic area located near to the venue spaces and having good light and a mirror. Please note that it is within the responsibility of the bride to provide you with a working place and adequate work conditions.
  3. Payment issues. The contract which you sign with the client using the hairstylist wedding contract template, must include a total amount and the due date, as well as the detailed schedule of payments ? the deposit amount and the due date and remaining balance.
  4. There might be situations when the makeup and hair artists are not able to fulfil his/her obligations. Please provide the name(s) and the contact information on the replacement stylists who will provide the contracted services in case of last-minute emergencies.

Wedding hair and makeup contract template

Before hiring a makeup and hair stylist and thinking about the details of the wedding hair and makeup contract template, the brides usually ask a series of questions. As an event professional, be sure you have answers to all of them. The frequently asked questions are the following:

  1. Do you have a portfolio of your work, where we can see your previous experience in the wedding industry? The brides often want to see if you can successfully work with the certain types of hair and provide services which the client expects;
  2. Do you have a list of references? Happy clients in the past are a good indicator of a good stylist. Usually the brides want to see, to read or to hear at least 3 positive references.
  3. Do you work on-site? Some hair stylists and make up artists prefer to have their clients at their salons or studios. On the wedding day, however, the brides prefer to stay at their places in order to save time and prepare for the big day. The last thing they want to do is to be rushed.
  4. Do you have any other weddings on the day of my event? In other words, are you available for both ? the ceremony and the reception? Some brides also want to have a hair stylist the whole wedding day and ask to check the hairdo every hour of the wedding. In this case, the brides also often ask about the number of extra fees for the whole working day of a hair stylist.
  5. Do you charge extra for the trial? Almost all brides prefer having a trial in order to see the professionalism of their hair stylist and to see how their hair will look on the wedding day. At trials, the brides bring the pictures of the hair of their dreams and additional headpieces which they would like to wear.
  6. Will you be using your own supplies, such as a dryer, a curling iron, or do I need to provide them? You will need to clarify this question with the bride to have all the necessary supplies on the wedding day.
  7. Do you charge by the hour or per person? Here the bride would like to know if it is possible to have the hairstyles of her friends done the same morning. What are your payment methods? Do you prefer cash? Or maybe Paypal, check, money order, or credit card?
  8. Do you have another stylist for my wedding day in case of emergency? What happens if you are ill and can?t work at my wedding? Do you have a backup hairstylist?
  9. Are you going to work alone or have a team of your colleagues to work with my friends, my relatives and me? In this connection, how long will my hairstyle take? Usually, the bride?s hairstyle takes around two hours, and one hour for each bridesmaid, if needed.

Wedding hair stylist contract template

To simplify the process of cooperation between the hair stylist and the clients, eazyplan introduces a wedding hair contract template which is a useful document for the hair stylist and may serve as a wedding contract template for hairdresser. This document is also known as hair stylist wedding contract template.

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