Wedding photography checklist

Wedding photography checklist is important if you want to receive your perfect wedding pictures of the most touching and unforgettable moments of your big day.

The photography is an essential part of every wedding. You will surely want to capture all romantic moments without forgetting anything. That’s why the couples usually create a wedding photo checklist, which can be divided into sections, such as ?shots before the ceremony?, ?shots at the ceremony? and ?shots after the ceremony?.


Wedding photo checklist

Most of the experienced wedding photographers have lots of ideas for the photo concepts and shootings. Some of them introduce their wedding photography checklist pdf on their websites, some prefer discussing them personally with the client.

Wedding experts recommend asking the photo professionals about the wedding photographers checklist pdf ? maybe, you will find some new ideas and inspiration based on the photographer?s experience.

wedding photography checklist

The standard wedding photography checklist may include the following shots and details:

  1. Wedding dress lying on the bed, chair or hanging on a hanger;
  2. Zipping or buttoning the wedding dress;
  3. Putting the bride?s necklace, accessories, veil, garter, shoes or jewellery;
  4. Single photos of bridal accessories;
  5. Bridal preparations: bride looking in a mirror, out of the window or talking to the mother or bridesmaids;
  6. Pinning boutonniere on bride?s and groom?s family members;
  7. Handing bridal bouquet to the bride;
  8. Groom?s preparations: shots of getting ready, looking in a mirror, out of the window or talking to the groomsmen ? make sure to add these shots to your wedding photography checklist.
  9. Hugs and kisses to the bride from the family members and bridesmaids;
  10. Single shots of the groom and all the groomsmen;
  11. Hugs and kisses to the groom from the family members and groomsmen;
  12. Bride touching up;
  13. Shots outside of ceremony location;
  14. Landscapes of the location;
  15. Guests arriving at the ceremony;
  16. Shots of the ceremony arch;
  17. Shots of the flower decorations and overall wedding ceremony design;
  18. Bride and father entering the ceremony location;
  19. Bride and father walking down the aisle;
  20. Parents, grandparents and guests being seated at the ceremony;
  21. Maid of honour, bridesmaids walking down the aisle;
  22. Groom waiting for the bride;
  23. Flower girls and ring bearers;
  24. Kids during the ceremony;
  25. Single shots of the officiant;
  26. Single shots of the wedding ceremony musicians;
  27. Shots of the canopy or altar at the ceremony;
  28. Groom seeing bride for the first time;
  29. Close up shots of the bride and groom;
  30. Shots of the ring bearers and flower girls;
  31. Bride and father walking down the aisle ? shots from behind with a silhouette of the groom in the background;
  32. Shots of feelings of the bride and her father at the altar;
  33. The ceremony;
  34. Close up of bride and groom saying the vows,
  35. Bride and groom at the altar ? shots from the distance, capturing all the guests;
  36. Shots of rings exchange;
  37. Close up shots of hands and the rings;
  38. First kisses of the just married couple ? close up pictures and from the distance
  39. Shots of bride and groom walking up the aisle;
  40. Shots of receiving line;
  41. Shots of guests throwing petals or confetti;
  42. Smiles, hugs and kisses of the couple with the guests;
  43. The couple getting into the car;
  44. Bride and groom on the back seat;
  45. Photography session before the reception;
  46. Table setting at the reception hall;
  47. Table of the bride and groom;
  48. Each table of the guests;
  49. Photos of musicians, DJs and entertainers;
  50. Shots of the gifts and favours; of the candy bar;
  51. Pictures of the cake;
  52. Place cards shots;
  53. Shots of the bride and groom arriving to the reception hall;
  54. The couple greeting the guests;
  55. Pictures of the gift table;
  56. Shots of reception decorations and details;
  57. Pictures of the meals;
  58. Shots of guests dancing;
  59. Shots of the first dance;
  60. Shots of the bride dancing with her father;
  61. Bride and groom cutting the cake;
  62. Shots of the guests? toasts;
  63. Bride and groom signing the marriage documents;
  64. Bride throwing bouquet
  65. Groom retrieving and tossing garter
  66. Shots of the couple leaving the reception hall;
  67. Pictures of the getaway car;
  68. The couple driving away.

Your wedding photography checklist may also include single shots of family members and guests, of table centrepieces and decorations, of entertainment acts, of the kids having fun at the wedding; of the bridesmaids and groomsmen, etc.

wedding photo checklist

The wedding photo checklist depends on ideas and preferences of the client. For example, the brides also often prefer having their photos alone, as portraits or at full length; pictures with parents, bridesmaids, with the maid of honour. The same goes for the pictures of the groom and includes all the possible combinations of shots ? with the bride, parents, groomsmen and bridesmaids, with the flower girl and ringbearer, with the best man, with friends, etc.

The wedding photo checklist will help you not to forget about all the important shots of your wedding day. Luckily, experienced photographers can offer their own wedding photographer checklist and discuss it with the client to achieve best photo results.


Wedding photographer checklist

The wedding photographer checklist is a document which each professional photographer needs. During the meeting and before signing a contract, a bride discusses all the important moments which need to be captured at the wedding. Discussing all details will lead to a perfect result for your wedding photography album.

You can find a typical wedding photography checklist pdf (or wedding photographers checklist pdf) provided by eazyplan ? click here to download.

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