Wedding photography contract template

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Wedding photography contract

The wedding photography contract includes different aspects of collaboration between a professional photographer and the client. Working without a contract as the main document regulating your agreement puts a photographer at risk and may lead to misunderstandings after the verbal agreements with the client.

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So, the wedding photography contract will help you to have all the important points in writing.

What should be included in a wedding photography contract

A simple wedding photography contract template includes:

  • Name(s) and contact information of the photographer or photographer’s company;
  • Name and contact information of the client;
  • Name(s) of the photographer(s) who will be shooting the event and name(s) and number of the assistants;
  • Date of the event;
  • Place of the event (sometimes the photographer works several days starting with shooting the rehearsal dinner and ending up with day-after brunches and dinners. So make sure all the locations are included in the contract);
  • The exact number of hours that the photographer will work (including start and end times);
  • Shooting subjects: bride’s and groom’s getting ready, family and friends, venue and location, decoration, preparations, ceremony, cocktail hour and reception, wedding dinner, toasts, etc. Be sure you have included a shot list you’ve agreed to;
  • Technical details: include the information on the number of cameras that you will use, formats you will use (digital/film), black or white, and cost per any additional hours, if needed;
  • Number of pictures the client will receive;
  • Format of pictures the client will receive (digital or printed copies);
  • Date your pictures will be ready to view them by the client;
  • Price list for extras like prints or albums, including packaging and delivery fees in case of printed pictures;
  • Schedule of photographer’s work: timing for breaks so that the photographer would not miss any good shots on the day of the event;
  • Non-disparagement clauses to avoid negative impressions and reviews online;
  • Total costs with the specification of items;
  • Overtime fees in case it will take place;
  • Deposit amount (in fixed amount or percent);
  • The date the deposit is paid;
  • Remaining balance;
  • Due date;
  • Cancellation and refund policy.

These are the main points that need to be included in the wedding photographer’s contract. Some couples also prefer adding to the contact the details, such as the attire, which the photographer needs to wear on the big day.

Wedding photography contrat doc

wedding photography contract template

An important point in the wedding photographer contract template is the copyright: agree on the following issues of your contract when signing it with the client:

  1. Who owns the right to the photos?
  2. Are there any restrictions on posting and distributing the photos online, for example, on social media? Some couples prefer not to see their wedding photos as part of the photographer’s promotional materials without their permission.
  3. Does the photographer have a right to use the wedding photos in his or her portfolio, or to submit them to wedding magazines without the couple’s permission?

Also, you can add catering conditions, which means the meals for the photographers provided by the client on the wedding day. This will help you to avoid misunderstandings and conflicts on the day of the event.

Use the wedding photographer contract to keep every task of the wedding shooting under control. A wedding photographer’s contract template will help you to stay organized to avoid difficult situations.


simple wedding photography contract template

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