Wedding planner contract template

Wedding planner contract template is an important part of a successful event planning business. The wedding planner contract includes terms and conditions, which help the professionals to avoid risks and protect them from unexpected things, which can happen during the event planning process.

The wedding planner contract aims to protect both parties who sign the document. A wedding planning contract usually consists of the following parts:

  1. Scope of services which will be provided
  2. Payment conditions: fees, deposits, schedules, methods of payment, etc.
  3. Emergency cases (management of emergencies and responsibilities),
  4. Terms of event cancellation
  5. Termination clause
  6. Indemnification clause

Besides these parts, a wedding planner contract includes the following details. Make sure you have added them before signing the document:

  1. Names and contact information of a wedding planner or a wedding planning organization. There are cases when the wedding planner contract is signed between the wedding planner and the client, but sometimes there are situations, when there is a wedding contract template, which includes the names and contacts of all the vendors involved in the wedding.
  1. Date(s), time and location of the wedding ceremony and reception: there are weddings, which have the ceremony and the reception at different places ? make sure you have added all the locations to your wedding planner contract templates to avoid misunderstandings. Providing this information will be important for the wedding planner to manage the wedding timing and the overlaps. There might also be changes in the times, locations and even the dates of the event, so you will need to make all the necessary changes in the wedding contract template.
  2. Scope of services: the itemized list of all the services which a wedding planner has agreed to deliver before, during and after the event.
  3. Wedding planner?s supplies and responsibilities: list of items and supplies the wedding planner agreed to take care of. This list important for the client to see if the expenses for the items and additional supplies fit into the wedding budget. Add this information to the wedding planner contract templates.
  4. Schedules and timing: time needed for setup at the ceremony and reception locations.
  5. Assistants? names and contact information: provide the information on all the assistants, who will work with you at the wedding. Add this information to the wedding planners contract template.
  6. Total cost: estimate the price for your services, so that the client could feel confident that he or she stays in budget.
  7. Payment details: deposit amount, remaining balance, date(s) due.
  8. Cancellation and refund policy: your client will need to see all the processes, which will take place at the time of the wedding planning, and know the steps to undertake and fees to pay if something goes wrong or if the client changes his or her mind of obtaining certain wedding planning services.
  9. Signatures of both parties: signing the wedding planner contract means the client has read all the parts of the document, understood them and agreed to each point. The planner has agreed to everything described in the wedding contract template, agreed to it all as well and cannot go back on it.

You can find a wedding planner contract template provided by eazyplan and sign it with your client for the upcoming event.

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