Wedding RSVP online

Wedding RSVP online is the aspect which each person thinks about at early stages of wedding planning. Wedding RSVP online helps event planners to create the right guest list and to add the correct wedding RSVP wording.

We all know that planning a wedding can be stressful. Once you have found your perfect venue, chose the theme and style of your wedding and decided on the number of guests, you should think carefully about the guest list. Of course, you can create a list of all the invitees and discuss it with your partner or family. Some couples prefer creating not a common list, but two separate lists of their family members and friends they would like to invite, and then ?correct? the number of the invitees.

As soon as the guest list is set, the couples start creating their wedding RSVP online. There are different ways how to receive the responses about the attendance. You can do it by email, create a wedding RSVP postcard and send it out, or ask about the attendance by phone. Some couples prefer sending out traditional RSVP per post; some prefer sending their wedding RSVP online, using various digital tools. The use of such tools simplifies the process of creating a guest list and count the final number of the invitees.

Experts say that there are no standard rules for the wedding RSVP card wording. The only difference is that the wedding RSVP wording can be formal or casual. The most important thing is that you should put all the information you require to avoid dozens of additional questions which your guests may ask.

The information to require from your invitees can include the following:

  1. RSVP deadline (for example, the wedding RSVP card wording may be ?kindly respond by March 14th)
  2. Full names of the guests
  3. Guests? contact information: email, phone number, postal addresses
  4. Attendance status (for example, accept with pleasure, or decline with regret)
  5. Meals preferences (allergies or dietary restrictions). Here you can even provide options of the menu and let the invitee decide on the meals.
  6. Logistics (information on the transportation, airport transfers, accommodation requirements)
  7. Special requirements (the invitee can add this information based on specific needs ? it can be wheelchair accessibility or need for babysitter for a kid)
  8. Information on the number of kids who will attend the wedding and on their meals preferences.
  9. Information on the ?plus-ones?
  10. Music preferences (what music will keep you dancing?)

The information should be added to the wedding RSVP cards:

  1. share your happiness about the upcoming wedding with your guests by inviting them to your big day,
  2. add your names,
  3. wedding date,
  4. time of the ceremony and time of the reception,
  5. location (or the locations if the ceremony and the reception take place in different locations, here you can also use maps how to get to the venue).
  6. dress-code information (if needed)
  7. link to your wedding website,
  8. information on registries, etc.
  9. blank space for the guests (leave a note for the couple).

Wedding planners recommend sending out wedding RSVP cards (or wedding RSVP postcard if you decide to send them by post) as early as possible, so that you could have enough time to collect all the responses and start planning your day. Make sure you have all your RSVPs at least one month before the wedding to have the final headcount.

If you still have no responses from some of the guests, remind them politely to fill in the information. Again, digital tools and software will help you to manage your guest lists and to remind you to contact people who still haven?t given you an answer. That?s why creating your wedding RSVP online will send your precious time while planning.

Having all the responses and information on your guests? attendance and preferences, you can give this information to the caterer (with all the specific meals preferences), arrange entertainment for the kids. You can also create a playlist for dancing, think about toasts and speeches and prepare gifts and favors (with name labels) for your guests.

As soon as you get all the responses, you can create seating plans, place cards and have the vision of all your guests at your wedding.


Wedding RSVP website

Wedding RSVP website can help you to create a perfect wedding RSVP wording and send your wedding RSVP cards online. There are several websites which can help you to manage your guests lists by sending them RSVPs.

For example, RSVPify which helps you not only to send the RSVPs to your potential guests but also allow embedding this tool into your personal website. The good thing is also the possibility to manage other events, such as your bridal shower, day-after-the-wedding brunch or a rehearsal dinner using the same tool. And it costs $29.

Another tool, Appy Couple, has been created as a website and as an app for your mobile phone. The guests may give you the answer about their attendance using both of these formats. If you decide to have special features or use extra designs, you will need to pay $35-$69. With Appy Couple, you can add videos to your page and communicate using messenger with other users and guests.

A useful tool for managing your guest lists is eazyplan. This is the guide which can help you to manage all your activities from the beginning of your wedding planning process. In the section of wedding RSVP online, eazyplan provides all the necessary information which you would require from your invitees, sends the RSVPs to your guests and automatically creates guest lists. You can easily use these lists to make arrangements with other vendors (caterers, venues, and other) and manage all your wedding processes.

The most important thing is that using eazyplan as your wedding RSVP website, you will not just have a single part of your wedding planning process managed, but also benefit from the whole planning at one place. Here you can build networks of guests, vendors, and communicate with them and easily get all the important things done.

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