Wedding schedule

Wedding schedule is one the most essential things, which needs to be planned in advance. This is your big day, and the hour-by-hour plan that you have created will help you to stay relaxed and concentrated on yourself. You need to think about not only the things which you can control, such as timelines, checklists, vendors, time of arrivals and deliveries, but also about the unexpected scenarios, such as bad weather. That?s why everyone who plans a wedding, needs a wedding schedule template.


Wedding day schedule

Got engaged? Congratulations! The wonderful wedding planning process can finally start! Some brides think this is a relaxed and stress-free period of time, but it is not as simple as you think. Only if you have a clear wedding day schedule, you can plan your big day for months always staying on track! So don?t hesitate to create timelines and wedding schedule templates ? this will help you a lot!

wedding schedule

Let?s have a quick look at the typical wedding day schedule. Let?s suppose your wedding ceremony starts at 3 pm. What will be the time for the arrangements and preparations?

10:30 am: the big day begins! Make sure you?ve got enough sleep and feel fit for this day. Wedding professionals recommend relaxing the day before and getting some health and fitness treatments, such as SPA and yoga. You just need to feel good and look as beautiful as never before! Have a breakfast. Maybe not something heavy, but still a good breakfast will give you strengths for the whole day.

11 am: meet your bridesmaids. Make sure they are prepared for their hairstyles and makeup. The bride usually has her hair done first. Don?t gather too many people in your room, avoid stress: let only the people who are working with you (and on you) this morning around you. This can be the parents of the bride (mother), makeup and hair artists, photographers and the bridesmaids.

As soon as you start having your makeup, let the bridesmaid have their hair done. We all know you are feeling excited and have a lot of things going through your head at these moments, but still, try to relax, have a cup of tea and some snacks, and think beautiful thoughts!

1 pm: the bridesmaids and the bride are ready: the makeup and hair are done, so it is time to get dressed. At this time of the day, some brides give the bridesmaids their presents, especially, if they want them to wear these presents on the wedding (for example, accessories, which are the perfect present on this day ? the present which will always remind your girlfriends about this beautiful day). Don?t forget to capture all the preparation processes ? some of these moments can be included in your wedding video!). Make sure, you have your timelines and checklists with you (or make sure your wedding planner keeps everything on track) and always have a list with all the important contacts which you may need on this day.

2:40 pm: the guests arrive and have their welcome drinks. The ceremony starts in 30 minutes, and the guests take their places: the family of the bride usually sit on the left, the family of the groom ? on the right.

3 pm: time for the ceremony! The guests are here; the bridesmaids arrived, the bride is standing next to her father. The flower girls enter the ceremony locations, and now this is the entrance of the beautiful bride! The overall atmosphere, the guests, the location, the vows and the groom are always touching! But still, go strong! Don?t break into tears and try not to ruin your beautiful makeup! The ceremony usually lasts maximum 1 hour, so be prepared for the post-ceremony activities!

wedding day schedule

An approximately an hour after the ceremony, lots of pictures are takes; confetti is all around! Happy family and relatives are willing to have their first pictures with the newlyweds.

4:15 pm:?the guests have their drinks, chatting and relaxing, the married couple has their professional photo shooting. The shooting may also include the bridesmaids and the groomsmen, and other family and friends.

6 pm: the reception begins!

6 pm: the main meals are served, and this is the time for the speeches. The father of the bride opens the set of speeches, followed by the groom and the best man. The wedding entertainment begins, the guests are dancing and having fun.

7:30 pm: this is the time for the cake cutting, served with tea and coffee. Sometimes the couple dances their first dance before cutting the cake. At this time, some newlyweds prefer showing their wedding day video, which was just created by the videographers. The photo booths are there to let the guests have the unforgettable memories!

9:15 pm: relax and enjoy the day! Spend time with your husband and friends, enjoy your wedding day sceneries! Dance, take pictures and let yourself be captured, chat with your bridesmaids and have a wonderful time ? this is your day! A day, which you have planned several months.

Midnight: the departure of the bride and groom. Even if the party is running, you can leave it, especially, when you plan an early flight to your honeymoon. But still, don?t forget about sending thank you cards to your guests after the wedding.


Wedding schedule template

Wedding schedules template is especially helpful, as every event needs a clear structure of tasks to be completed in time. Wedding schedule templates help to monitor the functioning of all the resources ? time, technical resources, human resources, financial resources, etc. The wedding is an event which involves interaction of dozens of people who require communication and clear goals setting. Besides the budget, your time management is important as never ? every minute counts when you are negotiating the proposals, drawing up documents or thinking about your wedding designs. Make sure you have everything under control ? act according to your wedding schedules template and enjoy your stress-free wedding!

eazyplan provides a useful wedding schedule template which will help you stay organized on the big day.

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