Wedding timeline template

Wedding timeline is important to avoid stressful situations. There is no doubt that your wedding planning process can cost you much time. Before creating timelines for weddings, you certainly have all the information and contacts you need. To create a perfect wedding timeline template for your big day, you can read the following points of the standard wedding processes.

Wedding time at each event is unique. But there are some basic wedding timeline conditions, which are useful to know about:

  1. The ceremony usually lasts from 30 minutes until 1 hour. The duration depends on the scope of your wedding ? on the duration of entrances, liturgy, readings, vows and other rituals.
  2. Your wedding pictures. Your photography shootings as a just married couple may take an hour or even more ? it depends on the locations, on your wishes and expectations. While creating your wedding timeline, think carefully, how much time you would like to spend on shootings.
  3. Sunset. Leave some time for the beautiful time of the day ? find out the time of the sunset and enjoy your wedding photography process without letting your guests waiting for you too long.
  4. Your ceremony and reception. If they take place in different spaces, make sure you not only provide transportation for your guests but also make sure you leave enough time for your invitees to move from A to B at your wedding. Think about the wheelchair accessibility and make sure everybody is feeling comfortable. The main rule here is making sure your guests are arriving not too early (where everything is still in the preparation process) and not too late (when the ceremony or the reception have already begun).
  5. Seasonal conditions. Remember that if you have your winter wedding ceremony starting at 4-5 pm, your photographer will not be able to capture all the important daylight moments. So the month of your wedding plays an essential role in the creation of your perfect wedding timeline.
  6. Guests? arrivals. Some of your guests will probably arrive early, especially those who come from other cities or even countries. Make sure they are entertained ? for example, organise a pre-ceremony cocktail reception, ask a photographer to capture your guests, etc.
  7. Wedding reception toasts. Think carefully, how much time your guests? toasts will take, this always depends on the people invited. Make sure there is enough time between the toasts and lots of opportunities for your guests to chat, dance and have their meals between the toasts.

Creating a perfect wedding timeline template will help you to stay organized and make all your guests feel comfortable.

wedding timeline template

Timelines for weddings

Timelines for weddings differ depending on your preferences and ideas concerning the time of ceremony and the ceremony. Let?s have a quick look at the typical evening wedding timeline template when the ceremony started at 1 pm. After the ceremony, while the couple is having their photo shootings, the guests enjoy a cocktail hour (starting from?2:15?pm). The guests have appetizers, receive wedding favours, find their tables and sign the wedding book.

timelines for weddings

4 pm: time for the wedding reception! The main meals are served, and this is the time for the speeches. The father of the bride opens the set of speeches, followed by the groom and the best man. The wedding entertainment begins, the guests are dancing and having fun.

5:30 pm – 6 pm: this is the time for the cake cutting, served with tea and coffee. Sometimes the couple dances their first dance before cutting the cake. At this time, some newlyweds prefer showing their wedding day video, which was just created by the videographers. The photo booths are there to let the guests have the unforgettable memories!

7:30 pm – 8 pm: relax and enjoy the day! Spend time with your husband and friends, enjoy your wedding day sceneries! Dance, take pictures and let yourself be captured, chat with your bridesmaids and have a wonderful time ? this is your day! A day, which you have planned several months.

10 pm: the departure of the bride and groom. Even if the party is still running, you can leave it, especially, when you plan an early flight to your honeymoon. But still, don?t forget about sending thank you cards to your guests after the wedding.


Wedding timeline template

Wedding timelines can be planned using various tools. For example, you can find online services for your wedding timelines generator, where the standard times are added for certain periods of your wedding schedule. Adding the start of your wedding preparations, you can find out, how much you will need for your ceremony, reception and other tasks to be done in time. The timeline generator will help you to manage your wedding time and create your wedding timeline template avoiding delays and time gaps of your big day.

To simplify your planning processes, eazyplan introduces a useful wedding timeline template, which you can use to create your perfect wedding time schedules.

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