Wedding to do list

Wedding to do list is the first document you will want to have after the day of your engagement. This is the time to think about your beautiful and stress-free wedding preparations! The creation of wedding to do checklist and the beginning of the preparations should start 12-16 months before your big day. In this case, you will have enough time to think carefully about all the essential tasks and wedding arrangements.

Wedding list to do will help you to distribute all your wedding preparation tasks by the time periods.

wedding to do list

Wedding to do list starts with the first question ?Where should I start??.

First of all, think about your wedding budget, which usually consists of your own financial contributions and those of the family and relatives of the engaged couple. In case the budget is limited, think about those wedding details, where you can save some money.

As soon as you have your wedding budget, decide on the perfect wedding theme, design and the colour palette of your wedding: use online resources, Pinterest boards, your own ideas and expectations, wedding articles and blogs, magazines. Try to identify your style, your flower design expectations, and make sure you and your wedding attire fit into the overall wedding picture.

The next thing to think about in your wedding to do list is the guest list. There are dozens of rules how to create your perfect guest list. Discuss these issues with your partner, with your family and friends and decide on the ideal number of the invitees according to your wedding budget.

Think about your wedding party: who will be by your side at the altar? Who are your bridesmaids and your groomsmen? Who will take the responsibility of helping you through the long process of the preparations?

Another important issue of your wedding list to do is the venue. Choose the wedding venue of your dreams. You have probably dreamed about the one since your childhood, but it is always good to have a choice and have multiple venues in mind. Compare them all according to your budget and style, request the availability and prices, and choose the best one. Think not only about your wedding reception ? banquet halls or restaurants but also about a beautiful place for your outdoor wedding ceremony. In case you are planning a destination wedding, you can have a look at the destination wedding checklist which will help you to plan and organize the wedding of your dreams abroad.

Alfresco wedding ceremonies with beautiful landscapes, mountains and waterfronts may be the highlight of your wedding day. As soon as you have found a perfect wedding venue, book it and make your further arrangements. Think about your wedding insurance: ask your venue about the liability insurance and make sure you know everything about the cancellation policy and insurance of your venue.

Now you have identified your wedding theme, decorations, flowers and the venue ? it?s time to tell your guests about your plans! All to do lists for weddings include sections of save the dates and RSVPs. Create save the date cards and prepare all the RSVPs according to your guest list. Make sure you do this several months before the wedding to tell your out of town guests about your bid day. Think in advance about the flights and accommodation of your non-local guests. A perfect opportunity to tell the world about your plans is creating your wedding website, which usually contains the information on your wedding date and time, location, dress-code, gifts registry and includes a touching ?how we met? section.

The wedding to do list will tell you to start thinking about your wedding dress and the tuxedo of the groom. Here you shouldn?t forget about the accessories which will perfectly fit your wedding outfit. Again, you can find inspiration using the Internet or get inspired reading articles of the couples who just got married.

Decide if you need a wedding planner. Some couples think they can manage all the processes with their own resources and state they don?t need a professional. Some couples, on the opposite, say that they would rather hire a wedding planner who would help them to save their time and money. Think about your time ? are you able to organise everything on your own? This often depends on how much time you have for the planning (some brides who are not working at the moment, prefer organising their own wedding and enjoy spending time on the preparation; working brides, however, prefer hiring a wedding professional to get all things done in time).

If you have decided to plan your wedding without professional wedding planning services, you will need to create your detailed wedding to do list including all the communication and negotiations with the vendors. You will need a photographer, videographer, master of ceremonies, a florist, a decorator, a catering company, transportation company, musicians and entertainment professionals, cake designers, etc. The good point is to hire a wedding planner, who will not only help you to find the right people but also get various discounts for their services.

Having 6-9 months before your wedding, you have a clear picture and expectations of your wedding. In your wedding todo checklist, this is the time when all the arrangements and negotiations start.

You meet your floral designer; you go choosing and tasting your cake with the cake company, you contact the DJs, the musicians and the performers for your wedding entertainment. You sign the contracts, you negotiate on the prices, you discuss the conditions and pay your first deposits.

Now, according to your wedding planning to do lists, your wedding invitations are done. You book accommodation for your out of town guests, update your wedding gift registry, check the choice of your bridesmaids? dresses, organise transportation and prepare for your bridal shower/bachelorette party ? create a theme, an idea, a colour palette and discuss it with the girlfriends.

3-5 months before your wedding, think about the rehearsal dinner and its location. Will you need entertainment? Do you have a caterer? Do you have invited everybody?

At this time, also think about the gifts and favours for your guests. Try to create something as unique as possible, even if you have found inspiration on the Internet. Think about the small gifts and entertainment for the kids who will attend your wedding. Maybe, some of them will need a babysitter or a special menu. Contact the rental and supplies companies, if you need something for your wedding design. Also, make sure you have your wedding attire for both bride and groom, including all the details ? from the shoes to the smallest boutonnieres. Make sure your wedding rings are ready. If you are planning your honeymoon, start booking everything you need at this time. Mark these activities in your wedding to do checklist.

Discuss with your caterer the smallest menu details and finalise it according to your guests? preferences (which you can usually see in your RSVPs).

Having 6-8 weeks before your wedding, mark in your to do list for wedding the following tasks: send out your invitations, finalise your guests? meal preferences, be in contact with the entertainers and the venue to get all the things done and organised. Confirm the arrival and delivery dates with the vendors, have your makeup and hair trials, create a photography schedule with the professionals. Make sure your dress fit and you feel comfortable in your shoes. You may also take dance lessons with your partner and have your first wedding dance rehearsal. Make sure your thank you card are already prepared to send them out after the wedding.

At the time of 3-5 weeks before the wedding, send out your rehearsal dinner invitations, make sure you have your wedding vows, your shot lists for your photographer and videographer. Make sure you also have your song list for the wedding ceremony, reception and dancing, your list of all the important contacts, timelines and checklists. Make sure your honeymoon is arranged, your wedding gifts and favours for your guests are prepared and have your final dress fitting. Do you have your final guest list by that time? Make sure everybody has given you an answer.

A perfect idea to use online tools of RSVP (for example,, which will help you to monitor all the RSVPs automatically and create your final guest list and headcount for your wedding.

Having 1-2 weeks before your wedding, create a seating chart and place cards based on the invitees. Confirm the final time of the arrivals and deliveries of your vendors; put together your emergency kit and check the weather report to see if you need to implement your plan B.

The day before the wedding? relax! Enjoy this day, have beauty treatments, meet your family and friends. However, don?t forget to make sure all wedding-day packages are prepared, you have the rings and your marriage license, your list of all the important wedding contacts. Enjoy your rehearsal dinner.
wedding list to do

On your wedding day, make sure you have enough time to get ready and that your bridesmaids and groomsmen are ready in time. Greet every one of your guests and thank them for coming and simply enjoy the day you have planned such a long time!

After the wedding, before leaving for your honeymoon, don?t forget to send thank you cards, complete your registry and keep in touch with your photographer and videographer discussing the time of receiving your final wedding pictures and videos.


To do list for wedding

To do list for wedding will help you to create and manage all your plans and tasks during your wedding planning process. It is always useful to have a document or a template based on the experience of professional wedding planners. eazyplan introduces an example of your wedding list to do: you can use it as a starting point for all your preparations. Of course, there are no identical weddings, so you can correct, make changes and create your perfect to do lists for weddings.

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