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Wedding video contract template is a document which is discussed, changed and signed before the wedding. Wedding videographer contract template is useful to create an overall vision (format, length, structure, etc.) of the future wedding videos.

Wedding videographers are the vendors who capture the unforgettable moments of a wedding for the lifetime, starting from the couples? love stories to the most touching minutes of the wedding ceremony and reception.

wedding video contract template

A wedding videographer, as an event professional, needs to be sure that the couple will choose his or her services for their big day and will not change their mind at the last moment. That?s why signing a wedding videography contract template with the client is of great importance. Such wedding videographer contract template typically includes the scope of services provided by the videographer, basic information on the event, technical details on the equipment, information on the working videographers and their assistants, information on the copies of DVD, which the client will receive after the wedding.

Usually, editing simple wedding videos by the videographers takes the period when the couple returns from their honeymoon ? this is a wonderful opportunity to watch the video and to think back about the precious moments of the big day. Some videographers, however, prefer creating video masterpieces and can spend 4-5 months for the editing of the wedding materials. To tell the clients, how long they will have to wait for their wedding video, make sure you add all these details to your wedding video contract template.

An important issue here, the same as with the photography contracts, is the copyright. A videographer automatically receives the copyright to his or her work. Some clients do not agree with this and add these aspects to the wedding video contract template. Be sure that you, as an event professional, have clarified and agreed on these details with the client by signing the videography contract.

The typical wedding videographer contract template includes the following parts:

  1. Shooting location(s): sometimes there are different locations, where the videographers shoot the event. It might start with the preparations of the bride and groom at home(s) or the hotel. Then come the ceremony location and the reception venue. Be sure to add all the names and addresses of the locations to the contract.
  2. Shooting date(s): discuss with the client the numbers of days and hours of your work. There might be cases, when the videographer is needed for the bridal shower a week before the wedding, for the rehearsal dinner, for the wedding itself, and for the day-after shootings of brunches and dinners. Or, the videographer can work only on the big wedding day.
  3. Name(s) of the videographer(s) and their assistants. To avoid risks, add the names and contact information about your video team, which you will work with at the wedding, to the wedding video contract template. Here you can also add the name and contact information of a videographer substitute in case of last-minute emergencies on the wedding day.
  4. Technical details: how many cameras will be used? Who will be responsible for the backup technical equipment in case something happens to the videographer equipment?
  5. The type of the finished, edited video.
  6. Total time of the finished, edited video: how many edited videos will receive the client? Will the client also receive the raw footage? Or the raw footage will be converted into other videos?
  7. Time for the finished DVDs to be delivered to the client: usually, this period takes from two weeks to six months.
  8. Features and special effects: agree with the client on these details to meet the client?s expectations from the wedding video(s).
  9. Number of hard copies: indicate the number of DVDs or flash drives, which the client will receive.
  10. Background music: ask the client to provide the song list for certain parts of wedding videos ? for each part separately: for the preparation, rehearsal, ceremony, reception, for the day after.
  11. Interviews: what kinds and types of interviews do the clients prefer for their wedding video? Interviews are usually a wonderful idea to keep all the memories and guests? wishes for a lifetime and can be a perfect surprise for the married couple after the wedding. Sometimes the videographers interview the guests, ask questions, and the bride and groom even do not know about that.
  12. Total cost of the wedding videography services.
  13. Payment conditions: deposit amount and due date, remaining balance and due date(s).
  14. Extras: indicate the fees for the extras in case the client would need additional DVDs or flash drives, or specific parts to be included in the video for certain guests.
  15. Final date, when the main wedding video will be ready to view.
  16. Cancellation and refund policy: in case the client decides to cancel the cooperation with the videographer for any reason, please indicate the amount he or she will have to videographer contract template

To simplify the process of your work as the videographer, you will find a free wedding videography contract template provided by eazyplan. You can download it here and discuss this wedding video contract template with your client.

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